We analyze the composition of upholstery fabrics: 10 the most popular materials for furniture


The furniture upholstery process is very complex and important, because it is he who is responsible for the final appearance of your sofa and its quality. Today, there are a huge number of different types of fabrics designed for upholstery. Many people, when faced with the question of buying new furniture or restoring their old sofa, start to get lost when choosing a suitable upholstery, not understanding how they differ among themselves and which of the fabrics will be most optimal for their sofa.
We want to help in making a decision in such a difficult matter, so we have prepared for you a short list of the 10 most popular materials for upholstery.

The most popular upholstery materials:

  1. Leather
  2. Polyester
  3. Olefin
  4. Viscose
  5. Wool
  6. Acetate
  7. Cotton
  8. Silk
  9. Acrylic
  10. Linen

Features of different types of materials for upholstery


Leather is a natural material for furniture upholstery. She is very comfortable and practical. Leather upholstery looks solid and expensive, and, of course, such furniture will be an adornment of any home. This is a great option if you are looking for material that will last for decades. In addition, skin care is not very difficult.


  • Easy to clean and care
  • Visually hides scratches, which will be a great bonus for pet owners
  • Durability


  • High price


Polyester is a synthetic fiber, which in the modern world is most often used for upholstery and hauling furniture. Polyester is very soft and comfortable. Polyester is not fastidious and easy to clean. Such a fiber can be used both 100% in the composition, and in a mixture with synthetic or natural fibers. Adding other fibers to the polyester will extend its life and increase its performance. Most often, polyester upholstery can be washed and soaked.


  • It is very easy to clean and furniture will not take much time.
  • If properly looked after, such upholstery will last you a long time.
  • A wide range and a huge selection of fabrics different in texture, design, color and pattern


  • Lighter colors of polyester fabrics are more prone to stains
  • The combination of polyester with wool increases the likelihood of pilling, so it is not recommended to use such a composition


Olefin is another synthetic fiber that is used for upholstery of upholstered furniture. Olefin is an oil-based synthetic fiber. Visually, it looks like wool. Such material is very strong and durable. He does not have any serious flaws. Suitable for furniture that is subject to high wear, for example, in a car, offices, various government and commercial institutions.


  • Olefin is made using molten plastic granules, which makes it resistant to moisture.
  • Very durable material


  • It is vulnerable to heat, light and oil.
  • The assortment is quite limited in the market, so in everyday conditions it is not in demand


The material is made from wood chips. This production method is very cheap and can be combined with other fibers. Rayon has a long service life. By its texture and characteristics, it can be like a copy of silk, cotton and linen. It is an environmentally friendly material that protects against mold and moth. However, it is scratched quite easily. Such fabric may be flammable if not properly processed. But recently, for furniture upholstery, a new, improved type of viscose has been developed, which is excellent in living conditions.


  • It is a cheap material due to its production method
  • She is durable
  • Protects against moths and mildew


  • Easy to scratch
  • Forms creases


Wool is a natural fiber. Wool responds well to heat treatment and dyeing. Wool will be higher in cost, unlike many other upholstery materials, but it has many advantages and a variety of choices. Wool can be mixed with other synthetic fibers. Wool blends are more durable and easier to clean. Woolen fabrics are resistant to pilling, creasing, fouling and fading.


  • Wool upholstery has a long service life
  • Wool is fireproof and does not need chemical treatment
  • It is an environmentally friendly product


  • Wool is more expensive than many other fabrics, but it is strong and durable


Acetate is a synthetic fiber that mimics silk. It resists problems with pilling, shrinkage and the formation of microbes, however, it is not resistant to staining. It is fragile enough, as for synthetic fiber. Therefore, it is suitable for furniture that will not be subjected to harsh daily use or for curtains.


  • Acetate is resistant to moisture and creases
  • This is a cheaper silk replacement


  • Stains and scratches easily form
  • Not a high service life


Cotton is a natural fiber and is often used as an upholstery. It is resistant to fading and wear. Cotton is also used in blends with synthetic fibers, creating an unusual texture and durability, but this composition is less resistant to scratches and stains. Pure cotton is a better choice for upholstery. Cotton is very comfortable and comfortable on products.


  • Cotton responds well to paint, making the market a huge selection of different shades and patterns
  • It is durable and responds well to everyday use


  • Not scratch and dirt resistant


Silk is a natural fiber that fits perfectly into very classic interiors and adds status and gloss to the design. It looks luxurious and elegant. Silk is a very expensive material as upholstery for furniture, but is worth every penny spent. The market offers a wide range of different shades and patterns. It also keeps shape well. Unfortunately, it is very sensitive to household stains and spilled liquids.


  • Silk can last a long time if properly looked after
  • It has an expensive and luxurious appearance
  • There are a huge number of colors and patterns


  • High price
  • Silk upholstery is not suitable if the house has children, pets or direct sunlight
  • Requires only professional cleaning


Acrylic is a synthetic fiber. It is also found in mixed formulations. It has a low cost and looks like a wool. It is easy to clean and protects against stains, wrinkles, germs and burnout. The flip side of the low cost of fabric is that it wears out quickly and is prone to pilling. Acrylic is often blended with natural fabrics to create a more durable material.


  • Great for outdoor furniture
  • Resistant to most contaminants, defect formation


  • Whimsical to care
  • Acrylic contains chemicals and is flammable


Flax is a very popular, natural fiber used for upholstery. It is mainly used in combination with other natural fibers, which results in a more durable and versatile fabric. Linen upholstery is suitable in cases where children do not have access to furniture and it will not be used often, otherwise, it can quickly lose its original appearance. To avoid shrinkage, only professional cleaning is recommended.


  • Linen upholstery looks beautiful
  • Not high cost
  • Pretty resistant to burnout and pilling


  • Hooks and creases quickly form on the fabric
  • Not suitable for furniture that is actively used in everyday life
  • Poorly perceives moisture
  • Requires professional cleaning and care

Such materials are mainly used for the production of furniture upholstery. You can weigh the pros and cons and choose the right fabric for your requirements. To choose a fabric, go to our "Catalog".

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