10 tips to create a cozy atmosphere in the house in the fall


And autumn has come - nights become colder, leaves from trees begin to fall, green colors outside the window change to gold. There is no more pleasant place in the world than a warm and comfortable house in the fall.

Imagine that you are wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on the couch, turning on your favorite movie, and holding a mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine (whoever you like best!) It sounds great, doesn’t it? In today's article, we want to share with you how easy it is to turn your home into a stylish and comfortable place this fall.

1. This fall, the trend of very large knitwear continues, both at home and on fashion catwalks. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of comfort this fall with the help of knitted blankets and warm plaids of large size. Just a carelessly thrown blanket on the couch can greatly change the look of your living room.

2. If you have not used diffusers for the home before, then autumn is the best time to start. If you can’t live without tasty aromas for home and this is not a novelty for you, then the best solution will be to update the aroma. This is a very simple but effective way to greet the new season in your home. Choose rich and warming scents that combine bergamot, vanilla and cinnamon. They are ideal for emphasizing the mystery of autumn evenings.

3. Refresh the color scheme of the interior. Add deeper tones of blue, violet and forest green to add luxury to your home. Introducing new colors is easy with decorative textiles, indoor plants, flowers, accessories and paintings. Imagine how dark, elegant shades of precious stones look sophisticated along with warm lighting and reflective, glossy surfaces.

4. Continue the luxury theme by adding a bit more texture to your interior. For example, adding velor pillows, a sheepskin carpet and suede accessories.

You can choose suitable decorative fabrics on our website in the "Fabrics" section.

5. A very simple way to make your interior more comfortable, and at the same time take a couple of free evenings, is to add more DIY items and accessories. You can do anything, and then write it in your interior. Draw a picture, arrange a thematic photo session, engage in clay modeling or painting dishes. In addition, a new hobby is a great way to avoid autumn blues.

6. Another option is to add extra decorative light. Decorative lighting in itself becomes a vibrant art form, the design of which catches your eye regardless of whether the lamp is on or not. Try to mix different in style fixtures with different levels of lighting. Use floor lamps, sconces, garlands and candles. Such a reception would be like enveloping in warm light and warming in cold autumn evenings.

7. Add some festive mood to your everyday interior. Add some accessories as if you're getting ready for the party. Use a disco ball or colored lights, more mirror surfaces and metal, it will not be superfluous to put seasonal flowers and a plate of fruit. A very great time to buy wine shelves. You can also look for interesting DIY to create a wine cellar in your living room or dining room.

8. Look on the Internet for information on what a hugg is, and then translate it into your bedroom or living room. For those who are too lazy, we give a brief information: hugge is a concept that arose in the Scandinavian countries, denoting a sense of coziness and comfortable communication with feelings of well-being and satisfaction.

Mike Viking, founder and director of the Danish Institute for the Study of Happiness, gives Hygge. The Secret of Danish Happiness »8 tips for achieving the hyugge:

  • Make cozy the place of stay - home, office
  • Visiting loved ones at home
  • Tasty to eat, enjoy cooking
  • To live an active lifestyle
  • Dress in comfortable, laid-back clothing
  • Enjoy simple pleasures
  • Engage in hobbies, creative activities that bring pleasure
  • Have a sense of proportion while enjoying

Thus, huggge is not just a new-fangled “trick”, it is a way of life that we suggest you try with us this fall.

9. Do not forget to update your bedding! Change the light sheets to darker and more saturated colors. Add one more blanket and soft blanket, throw a lot of pillows. In tandem with candles and a garland, in the evening it will look amazingly beautiful and cozy.

10. Any room can be quickly transformed by adding an exquisite piece of furniture that reflects the trends of this season. Pick up stunning chairs in velor upholstery in the kitchen or a new cozy chair that can be placed by the fireplace.

We hope that we were able to inspire you a little with this article for changes that will help you escape from the autumn blues.

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