What is a Dyelot?


Often in the textile industry you can hear a word like "dyelot". Usually, under the motley is meant a difference in color / shades between the supplied batches of fabrics and production samples. The nature of this phenomenon, often, is the way to color the upholstery fabric.

There are several ways to paint a single-colored furniture fabric.

The most common way of dyeing fabrics is when the woven fabric is made from natural yarn, and then, with the help of special pigments and equipment, the upholstery is painted in the right color.

Alternatively, the yarn is first dyed, and then the furniture fabric is produced from the colored yarns. With this method, when mixing fibers of different colors, you can achieve "melange" colors and interesting deep shades.

Piece dyeing 

In this case yarns of natural or white color are used in the yarn. After the rolls of fabric are produced, they pass in their natural color to the dyeing, where in special pools or vats the textile is given the necessary color with the help of dyes. Then, on the passing devices, the final processing of the fabric takes place, its washing and rinsing. The wet cloth leaving the dyeing and washing machines is dried by means of special squeezing and drying drums.

This method of dyeing is popular, due to its low cost and standardization, it requires less labor, and losses on burns are lower. However, despite a number of advantages, fabrics that are painted in rolls differ more in tone from batch to batch, due to the difficulty of hitting the paint at the junctions of the yarn.

Yarn dyeing

In this variant, after the white or natural fibers have been twisted into the yarn, they are sent to the dyeing house. Dyeing occurs when the threads are wound on cones and placed in pipes with high pressure, under which the color is applied. After drying, yarn is used for fabric production.

This method of dyeing has its advantages. First, in this case, the fibers are painted better and more evenly. Secondly, only in this way can you get certain grades and colors of textiles. However, some coloring operations reduce the fabric's suitability for spinning.

In the process of painting a batch of yarn or fabric, the color is assigned an identification number in which the proportions of the specific color formula obtained are recorded. However, in spite of the fact that the same dyes are used every time, there can be a noticeable variety, especially in the case of staining the fabrics in a roll.

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What is a dyelot and what does it depend on?

The temperature at dyeing, staining time, other water source, as well as the human factor, contribute to minor changes in shade between different batches of painting. The difference can be both subtle and noticeable, not armed with an eye. Industry standards allow up to 6% of the difference in tone from batch to batch.

Because of such production features, it is always important to correctly calculate the fabric requirement when ordering, in order to avoid the further diversity in one product.

To do this, follow one simple rule: order the necessary footage of the furniture fabric, taking into account + 5%.

If you still did not have enough fabric ordered, EDEN experts are always ready to make every effort to solve your problem.

In this case:

1. You need to inform the account manager of the order date, the number of the invoice, the name and color of the fabric, and the footage. We store all the data on orders that are sent to our customers.

2. The manager will check the leftovers in the warehouses, after which he will be able to tell if there is any tissue from the same lot.

3. If the fabric from the same lot is available in stock, then you can be sure that you will get a cut corresponding to your original order

4. If this batch is not already available, then you can transfer the sample or the case of the product, our quality control team will do everything possible to find a detached tone. But you should always remember that there may be a small variety in the framework of industry standards.

Order the correct fabric footage to save time and avoid possible problems.

Order can be issued in any convenient way for you:

• through the feedback form on the site;

• send to mail info@eden.ua;

• send to Viber +38 (098) 656 36 96.

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