What to choose leather or textile upholstery for furniture?


More and more often we hear the question: what kind of upholstery for furniture to choose? People are lost in the variety of choice of upholstery materials on the market. We often hear conversations between customers and sales consultants in furniture stores, when buyers can not understand what to prefer: "Skin that quickly stretches, is whimsical in care and has a high cost or fabric that is not so presentable and difficult to handle remove stains, but I have children and pets? "Let's look at this question and give the answer: what is better cloth or skin?


+ Easy care

To date, most tissues are easily cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner, soap solution and a soft brush, without losing its original appearance. It's no secret that fabrics that are made using a special innovative technology and have EverClean Plus protection are gaining popularity, which makes it easy to remove dirt even with the usual wet wipe. View the range of fabrics EverClean Plus from EDEN can be here.

+ Variety of choice of different designs and textures

The market presents a huge number of different types of fabrics, which differ in structure, color, design, tactile sensations. So, there are velours, jacquards, mats, microfiber, flock, chenille, micro velours, velvet, which have a rich color palette, as well as various patterns and prints. There are smooth and textured fabrics, with different pile heights, imitating natural textures. There are no restrictions on the complexity of the patterns and the structure of the weave.

+ Relatively low cost of furniture fabric

The range of prices for furniture fabrics varies depending on its composition and quality, but even the most high-tech and new-fangled fabrics cost an order of magnitude cheaper than genuine leather.

- Lifetime

Depending on various factors of operation and proper care, you can extend the life of upholstered furniture, but in any case, the average age of the sofa in the upholstery fabric is 5 years, after furniture begins to lose its original appearance.

- Possibility of burning out in the sun

Most fabrics, with the exception of those that have a special Outdoor cover, will lose color saturation if they stay in the sun for a long time.


... you have small children, then choose fabrics from the ruler of EverClean Plus, so you will not be afraid of stains, dirt, or even drawings with a felt-tip pen on your child's couch, because all this is easily removed with the help of usual tools.

... you are a fan of noisy parties, cheerful feasts and just a good company, then you should consider buying a sofa in a Teflon fabric. This fabric has water and dirt repellent properties and even if, on your sofa, accidentally a glass of wine is spilled or a bowl with a salad is overturned, it is enough just to dry the stain with a dry napkin and remove excess dirt.

...you have pets - give preference to fabrics from the Pet Frendly series. Such furniture fabrics have a short pile that will not allow your pet to leave clues on the couch.


+ Durability

It is worth noting that genuine leather is distinguished by its high performance characteristics and is the most wear-resistant in comparison with its other types of upholstery. Products made of genuine leather for years do not lose their original appearance, moreover, the denser the skin, the longer its lifespan.

+ High status indicator of the owner

Products made of genuine leather look always stylish and luxurious. Such furniture is not subject to the trend trend, bought today, the sofa will be relevant and after 10 years and will emphasize your high status and prosperity.

+ Breathable properties

Due to the fact that the skin is a natural material, it has a high ability to pass air, which allows the sofa not to puff, thereby increasing its service life.

+ Thermoregulation

The skin encircles the property of thermoregulation, which allows the furniture to be kept at an optimum temperature even with sudden temperature changes.

- High price

Leather is a valuable material, so the products using such upholstery significantly exceed the price of fabric sofas.

- Whimsy in care

To ensure that the furniture in the leather upholstery does not lose its original appearance, it is necessary to constantly maintain the optimum humidity level in the room and treat it several times a year with special means.


... on the couch there were traces of food and drawings with a felt-tip pen, left by your child, in no case should household remedies be used to remove stains, chemicals can permanently ruin the appearance of furniture. Give preference to special products intended for skin cleansing.

... your product is made of light skin tone, it should be remembered that pillows of bright and dark colors, with increased humidity in the room are able to shed.

... you have pets at home, then you should choose only dense rough skin, scratches on which will not be very noticeable.

However, for those who still can not decide on the furniture fabrics market, a new trend is emerging, actively gaining popularity - imitating the natural skin of the fabric.

I would like to think that such a demand appeared in the course of the successful activity of the Society for the Protection of Animals, but, alas, this is not entirely true.

In fact, when innovation and technical development embraced, literally, all areas of life, it also caught on the furniture industry. In times of smart gadgets, smart home and even smart television, materials and fabrics also had to "grow wiser".

As a result, such "smart" fabrics appeared that look exactly like leather, combining the advantages of furniture fabrics that are easy to care for and clean, and also have high performance.

The new Kwando collection is a universal solution for interiors of all styles and directions.

The microfibre collection is presented in 4 different designs: Bondo / Cali / Dolo / Kendo, differing in texture and color. Thanks to noble shades and pleasant tactile properties, Kwando upholstery can emphasize the expressiveness of furniture lines, set the mood of the interior, and give the living space status.

This furniture "smart" upholstery has optimal stability and plasticity. Quality Kwando is an industry standard, which provides an excellent appearance of upholstery and high performance properties!

Make the right choice with EDEN!

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