Where are furniture fabrics sold?


You want to buy fabric for a banner of furniture or tailoring of decorative pillows, but do not know where?

We have compiled a list for you where you can buy furniture fabric:

  • Construction and furniture markets
  • Fabric stores
  • Furniture stores
  • Furniture Fabric Suppliers
  • Online stores of furniture fabrics and furniture

Let’s now look in more detail at each place of sale of furniture fabrics and finally decide where you should go.

Construction and furniture markets

One of the most affordable and common options. There is such a market in every city. Usually, they sell everything from small cogs and carnations to wallpaper and building materials. If you need furniture fabric, you can safely go to such a market. As a rule, there are several different points in the markets with a wide range of fabrics. However, it is worthwhile to understand that these are not fashionable salons, so most of the fabrics will be from old collections and mainly from China. If you have a small budget and have the time and desire to search for the necessary material, then feel free to go to the market.

Fabric stores

In many large cities of Ukraine, there are retail stores and showrooms selling furniture fabrics. The first task for an unknowing person will be to find such a store. You can use the search on Google Maps or try searching on hashtags on Instagram, or you can go to the furniture store and try to find out from sales consultants where you can find the material you are interested in. However, it is worth considering that in such stores prices will be an order of magnitude higher, since the store will put its mark-up on fabrics, taking into account rent, employee salaries, and retail sales. The advantage of this option is that in such stores a wide assortment of fabrics from all major suppliers of Ukraine is presented, which means that you can choose both the most current designs and cheaper sale fabrics, having previously felt them.

Furniture stores

Furniture salons, depending on their level and pricing policy, can work with different suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore, you probably need to go around several salons before deciding on the fabric you like. Next, you will need to talk to the seller so that he helps you with the order of separately furniture fabric. Most likely, you will be helped with the purchase of fabric only if you have previously bought furniture in this salon and want to buy the same material. But even if you are lucky and the seller agrees to buy fabric through a salon, the price can be unreasonably high. Since this is not a specialized institution, they do not have a ready price.
However, if you liked this option, do not worry. Furniture stores are a great place to choose fabrics. Go shopping, touch the fabric, see how it looks in the finished products, determine the color, and then write down the manufacturer and the name of the collection and go shopping online.

Furniture Fabric Suppliers

If you know what specific fabric you want, then you can try to go to the supplier. Today, almost all major fabric suppliers have their sites, which presents the entire range of fabrics. You can contact them at the indicated contacts on the website and get advice on how to place an order for fabric.

Online stores of furniture and furniture fabrics

Almost all major online furniture stores have a section with furniture fabrics, which presents the widest range of all kinds of upholstery options for furniture. Here you can find new products and sales, as well as compare prices of all suppliers. An undoubted advantage is the regulated pricing policy, as well as the ability to choose the material you like without leaving your home, and not run around the city in search of furniture fabric. However, keep in mind that the color on the monitor may differ from the real one since everyone has different devices and settings for the brightness and color rendering of the screen. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you select the material you like on the Internet and go to the salon to see the sample live or go through the salon to determine the fabric and order it in the online store.
Well, of course, the most convenient option - go to our catalog and choose the fabric you need. Enjoy the shopping!

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