How to choose the right upholstery fabric


When it comes to choosing upholstery for your furniture, a huge range of furniture fabrics can make this task more difficult. Design or monophonic fabric? Bright color or neutral? Cloth or leather? There are many options to make the interior of the room more vivid and expressive with the help of furniture upholstery.

Correctly matched upholstery is an investment, you need to find one that will please you for many years. And to simplify this task, we made a selection of the opinions of 14 designers with a world-wide name who answered the question: "How to choose a fabric for furniture?".

"Functionality is the key. Before answering the question: "How to choose a fabric for furniture?", It is necessary to estimate the degree of furniture use, for which we choose the upholstery, to determine the correct type of fabric for a commercial or residential project. Most upholstery fabrics have a number of indicators that help to make a choice. In addition, the degree of wear resistance of furniture fabrics, to date, has been significantly improved, which gives us more options. As soon as we understand what functionality should be at the fabric, we can start selecting by color, texture, pattern, which depend on the overall design concept. " - Anishka + Niya, from Ishka Designs.

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"When I select furniture fabric for vintage projects, the first thing I pay attention to is the color. For more embossed, complex pieces of furniture, I prefer to use neutral colors (gray, black, white) to achieve a more refined and elegant appearance. If I have a more simple furniture in my form, then I choose trend colors, something to create an accent. Therefore, before choosing a fabric for furniture upholstery, you must decide on the basic colors of the room. The next thing I pay attention to is the texture. I try to mix different types of fabrics in one room. Therefore, if the interior is a lot of velor, as an upholstery, I'll choose cotton, microfiber or leather. And finally, I choose the material for its wear resistance. If the furniture is used actively in everyday life, then I will choose something with a high content of polyester in the composition and new technologies, which allows the fabric to be durable and does not absorb stains. For objects that are rarely used, I make a choice based mainly on color and texture. " - Orlando Soria, Homepolish Premier Designer.

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"When you choose the upholstery for a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, it becomes an investment, so I always recommend choosing fabrics in color that you never get bored with. Different design publications tend to be trend oriented. And although bright and unusual color solutions that they can offer will seem terrific to you, chances are that after a certain time, such bold colors can start to point to the staleness of the repair, whereas classical shades will always remain out of time. In addition, you can focus on the couch with a variety of bright pillows with different prints and patterns. This will give him personality. " - Nicole Gibbons, from Nicole Gibbons Style.

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Jessica Helgerson does not adhere to any rules. Here she plays with the texture, using as a upholstery the Peruvian blankets.

"The main criteria for us when choosing upholstery is what color and pattern should be added to the interior, and what durability will be in the fabric. Recently, we are engaged in various interesting projects: for an interior in Brooklyn, we used 18 Peruvian blankets (photo above), and another time, as a cover was used a collection of Moroccan rugs without pile. I like the playfulness and patterns that we get in this way. We have in the portfolio soft chairs made of sheepskin, which create an atmosphere of super-comfort. Most often, we work with velor, because of its softness, a huge variety of beautiful flowers, strength and durability. " - Jessica Helgerson, from Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, answers the question "How to choose a fabric for upholstery upholstery?".

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"When choosing upholstery, there are the main factors that need to be considered: do you want to make a statement or are looking for something simpler and more everyday? While furniture "with a claim" has its place and time, with neutral upholstery it's always easier to work. Remember that neutral furniture can be emphasized with the help of bright and provocative pillows and accessories that can be changed, even every season. It is also necessary to take into account such factors of everyday life as the presence of children or pets. Choose the upholstery, which is suitable for your interior. In rooms that are not often used daily, you can use a light cloth. Then, as in the room where the whole family is constantly going, something more durable and functional, for example, leather or fabric EverClean Plus, will be required. A thoughtful choice of upholstery, will allow you to enjoy furniture for many years! ". - Katie & Cara, from Blythe and Barnett.

"Before choosing an upholstery fabric for furniture, it is important to think about how you will use the furniture and how it should look. Perhaps you like light light cotton, but if you have small children or animals, the best idea is to consider more wear-resistant options. Or think about prints! "- Patrick McGrath, from Patrick McGrath Design.

"Asking the question:" How to choose a fabric for upholstered furniture? ", Think first how you will use furniture, and what your everyday home life looks like. If you have children or pets, you can use EverClean Plus fabric. If you want to add luxury and status to your home, choose a large shade of trendy shades, and to add comfort - prefer neutral, but such a soft and beautiful velor. And remember that the tightening of furniture is expensive, so when choosing, be guided by the fact that it should bring you pleasure in the long term. " - Nicole Davis, from Nicole Davis Interiors.

"After you have decided on the functionality of the furniture, pay attention to the color and texture of the fabric. I believe that to create a light and airy atmosphere, it is best to choose light materials. For a more complex view, mix different textures in one interior - take velor, wool and leather to complement the basic light pieces of furniture. Upholstery is an investment, so I prefer classic color solutions on sofas, armchairs, beds and add accents in the mind of chairs, pouffes, pillows and curtains. " Shea McGee, from Studio McGee, shared her opinion on the topic "How to choose the right fabric?"

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"First, find out the people for whom you are creating a design, understand how they really live, what they are doing in everyday life? When you understand this, the choice of size, sofa and upholstery models will be easier, and you will be able to accurately reflect the atmosphere of a particular house. Therefore, when choosing, first of all, focus on comfort and quality. Then think again, remember the style of the apartment owner, and perhaps choose a bright color or an interesting pattern! "- Ashli ​​Mizell, from Ashli ​​Mizell.

"The right choice of furniture fabric is always a balance between beauty and functionality. Upholstered furniture, as a rule, is used very often, so customers always want the upholstery to be comfortable in care and durable. Furniture is also the main element in the design concept, using beautiful and high-quality textiles, you can enliven the space. Stop your choice on straight lines and universal textures that will not go out of fashion in a few years. Choose something that will suit your interior. "- Heidi Caillier, from Heidi Caillier Design.

"I tell my clients that if you choose furniture that you are going to use often, make sure that you are comfortable sitting on it. If it is a sofa, for example, for a home theater, then the additional depth and softness of the seat will be only a plus, but in the living room, in which you constantly receive guests, too deep sofa can create a feeling of discomfort. If you want the furniture that you have chosen to serve, you have been faithful and truthful to you for many years, decide for the beginning how you will use it. " - Alexandra Kaehler, from Alexandra Kaehler Design.

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