How to do travel inspire a unique interior?


Making your home unique, reflecting your personality, is the simplest thing you can do to feel like a happy person.

Regardless of whether you rent a house or buy your own, adding a bit of your own style to the decor, you can feel this warm and cozy atmosphere of the house.

In today's article, we’ll talk about just that. We will help you, using our own life experience and experiences, find your own unique style and add coziness to your interior. This can create not only a healthy and soothing atmosphere in the house, but also provide an opportunity to show your creativity.


In fact, there are a huge number of different areas of your activity that you can use to create an inspiring interior that can confuse you. Therefore, today we will focus only on travel and how you can use your passion for adventure in shaping your style.

Creating a decor inspired by your travels and adventures is more an attempt to recreate experienced emotions than specific places or events.

There are several ways to capture this feeling, while creating a single, harmonious picture:

  1. Context. For example, if you like to relax in places of high concentration of spiritual strength, such as Bali or India, then you probably want to make a separate corner for meditation at home. In this case, it is important to determine the location correctly. For this purpose, rooms with high traffic, such as a living room or kitchen, are not suitable, it is better to think about how to allocate a place for relaxation in your bedroom or, for example, on the balcony. Everything should be appropriate.
  2. The light. This is a cherry on a cake of stylish design, which can create any mood in the house: from a languid, romantic setting with subdued light to bright and sunny, like a hot summer day.
  3. Accent colors. Again, thinking over the color concept will help to combine all the elements of the decor into a single whole. Read more about choosing a color for the interior in our article. PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR: DO COLORS AFFECT YOUR WELL-BEING?
  4. Next tip: focus on your inner vision of design.
  5. Keep the focus. Using travel inspiration in a home interior does not necessarily mean that there should be an eclectic design everywhere, but even if so, an eclectic design does not mean congestion in one place.

Each room should have its own theme or idea. This rule works even if you decorate a small space, for example, a studio apartment. It is very important not to litter the space, so use bright colors to place accents and recreate the atmosphere.

Shopping is an obligatory part of travel: even the most ardent supporters of minimalism are sure to find for themselves some souvenirs and symbols of their travels that you want to take home with you.

You can decorate your interior even with the help of collections of bizarre and strange stones or jars of white sand brought from the most separated and paradise beaches.

Here are a few ideas for using travel souvenirs:

1. Use decorative trays or baskets. This is a great option to flaunt all the souvenirs, in addition, it can be easily rearranged if you get tired or interfere. There are dozens of ways to beat this. For example:

  • Stick a stick with the name of a city or country on one of the baskets and put there all your souvenirs brought from there
  • You can recreate a certain atmosphere, it is not necessary to use only things brought from trips
  • Have a basket for "finds"
  • You can take different tickets from trips and put them under glass or hang in frames. Fine!

2. Think outside the box. There are many unusual design ideas on the Internet that you can use in your interior.

Choose: large maps, multi-colored globes, wall cards. You can hang them on the walls and mark the places that you have already visited or are just planning. Set goals, visualize dreams, wake up every day with thoughts about what really inspires you!

3. Create a special showcase where proudly display all your trophies obtained during travels. You can use absolutely any means at hand to equip a place for storage. It can even be gift boxes and packaging. Show your imagination! Search the Internet for ideas and you will be surprised how you can create an interior from the cover of a glossy magazine for little money.

4. Textiles, tapestries and curtains. Use interesting textures in your interior to complement the decor. Interesting decorative pillows, carpets and bedspreads work great in this decor. In our catalog you can find fabrics that perfectly fit into your new interior.

We hope that our tips will inspire you to create your own unique design that will delight you and motivate you on new adventures.

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