How to match a picture of a furniture fabric


Daily from all over Ukraine we receive dozens of photos of different styles, designs, the form of sofas in upholstery made from EDEN fabrics. We carefully review all these photos, sort them by collections, and add the best pictures to our portfolio and publish them on our social networking pages.

And, what did we begin to notice? Constantly looking through patterned sofas, chairs, couches, etc., we realized that great skill and accuracy are required to combine the picture on the joints in the product so that the furniture looked really good and expensive.

"How to join the drawing of a tissue?" - this question should constantly arise before you start to cut the material. Upholstery in a cage or strip, as well as with a large pattern, can transform furniture, but when working with such fabrics, you should be careful and follow a number of simple rules.

The choice of a picture is necessary when the furniture fabric has a repeatable rapport, which must be coordinated at the joints, seams and corners when forming one direction of the pattern to create aesthetically attractive furniture. For example, a strip, cage, paisley, damask, flower bouquets, geometric figures and medallions will need to be coordinated when cutting.

Below we have selected several examples where the furniture fabric on the products is not coordinated and does not have the same direction of the figure. In the examples it is evident that the picture is not docked at the joints of the couches.

When communicating with the client, it is always important to correctly explain how important it is to align the picture in the product, to give a general idea of ​​how the patterning process is going on, and also how this can affect the final cost of the furniture. They need to understand, the more the joints of the picture = the more time spent cutting = the higher the qualification level of seamstresses = more cloth = more money. Perhaps the client will not want to take on such risks or additional costs for your work and additional fabric. If this is the case, then you should offer alternative options for furniture fabrics, which do not require matching of the picture. For example, upholstery with a pattern without a certain repetition.

But, in case the work is done qualitatively, - furniture with the use of upholstery with a pattern can look really stylish and expensive. So, for example, in this chair we use fabric in a strip of a large diamond - Blitz. Docking the pattern and observing its direction are performed at the highest level.

At the same time, regardless of the skill level or the experience of the upholsterer of furniture, any drawing is almost impossible to match ideally. In the end, you cut a two-dimensional fabric and try to place it on top of a three-dimensional product. There are a number of physical limitations when you have to compromise.

For example, any drawing, especially if it has large parts, try to centralize on the front side of the product. Ideally, you need to lay out the yet uncoated fabric on the sofa model. Thus, you will be able to see exactly where the center will be, and use pins to mark joints and bends to maximally accurately cut the upholstery.

And further, on the same principle, it is necessary to select a pattern for all pieces of upholstered furniture.

But, in the end, you will still face the fact that at certain joints, the pattern never converges millimeter to millimeter. And due to such careful centralization of the pattern, when you cut, you will have a lot of scraps that you can not use anywhere. That is, be prepared for the fact that you need to order fabrics with print more than simply monochrome upholstery.

The moral of this article is that before the client chooses the upholstery with a complex pattern, he should be told what is the matching of the figure of the furniture fabric and how this affects the formation of the final price.

EDEN wishes you more good clients! :)

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