Sit beautifully: a professional guide for the choice of chairs


If you need your cozy corner to curl up with your favorite book, the perfect finishing touch in the living room or a bright accent to decorate a boring corner, the chair is a versatile piece of furniture that can perform many different functions in the house.

It is also an opportunity to show a little selfishness. Unlike buying a sofa, where the focus is on providing comfort for the whole family, the choice of chair allows you to embody your preferences and desires. In addition, this is the best option if you want to experiment with color, pattern or shape.

Note to all, do not underestimate the power of the influence of an ordinary chair on the style and atmosphere of your interior. Many interior designers jokingly call armchairs the “style declaration”, since this small piece of furniture can significantly embellish (or break) the concept of the entire living room.

Before using a credit card to purchase a home chair, you need to ask yourself some very important questions. That is why we created a small check-list of questions that need to be answered before making a purchase.

First and foremost, your new chair should make your soul sing ... out loud! It should make you smile every time you enter the room. This should be a chair for which all family members are fighting. In general, the coolest, cozy and comfortable chair that you can only find.

Before buying a chair in the living room, be sure to ask yourself: “What style do I like?”

There are literally a million types of chairs in the world and they all have a completely different price. So, how to choose from this variety what you need exactly?

Our advice - in order to avoid costly mistakes, you should do your homework before buying a chair. Go to Pinterest and Instgram, select and save from there photos of the chairs that you like.

When you review the results of your work, most likely you will find the most appropriate chair style. And yes - your phone will be full of pictures of chairs! This is what we want.

Pay attention to the design of the legs, the fabric and color that you like. Such small details distinguish the chair from a variety of options.

Once you have decided on which chair you like, the next step is to figure out the budget.

You will not believe how much the cost of the chairs can vary. For example, the cult chair Egg, the creation of which dates back to the end of 1950, has a price of $ 11,000 at the Conran store in a new design. Now exhale deeply!

If you do not have an extra few thousand dollars, then you can use chairs-analogues of a very similar design, but with a lower price. You can find a lot of more available reproductions - just google it.

Now let's talk about color and fabric.

Great, you found your dream chair. Half done - done. But such a chair can be ordered in 100 different in type, color, design and texture of fabric. A dead end again? Let us reveal the secret of style - the chair does not have to be covered in bright color or a bright pattern to become an accent.

So, we have revealed a designer secret!

A chair in a neutral beige or gray shade with a chic velvety texture is similar to the classic Chanel handbag, absolutely timeless and never go out of style.

Here is a good example. In fact, the chair that we chose is just a simple linen chair, BUT - look at the rough finish (it looks like the covers are torn off), the dark wooden base, the quilted back, the wheels on the front legs… .not continue any further?

All these details make this chair stand out from other ordinary chairs. Now imagine this in a fuchsia color and in addition with a pattern - terrible, right? All important details will be completely lost.

Trends from Europe indicate that the relaxed aesthetics of the past few seasons gives way to a more elegant, adult style. “Many of the chairs that debuted at furniture exhibitions in Paris and Cologne this year had a voluminous, pompous silhouette, upholstered in expensive and luxurious fabrics in neutral colors, dark blue and pink shades,” says Francesco Novembre, founder and managing director of Domo.

However, keep in mind - the form and style is much more important than the choice of color. Keep this in mind. Since you can always drag it, but you can not change the shape.

Well, now ask yourself: “Will it fit the interior of my house?”

The biggest mistake that we noticed is that people choose a chair too large (or small) for the size of their living room. When buying a chair, take into account that curls on the legs, curved armrests and a reclining backrest will take away all the attention.

Specify the size of the selected chair and make sure that it fits into the area of ​​the room before making a purchase.

Tricks that will help to fit the chair into the existing interior

  1. The chair that you want to accent needs is free space. It makes no sense to buy the most beautiful chair in the world, and then hide it in a tiny corner or throw a mountain of pillows.
  2. Do not push the chair against the wall; place it in a place where the chair will shine.
  3. Another nuance - in a modern interior one armchair looks better than in a pair. Take note.

And once again, what should I look for when choosing a chair:

  • To create a modern interior, choose a chair from a material that contrasts with your sofa.

  • Mix of different colors and textures in the room create a more interesting design. Choosing a chair, think about how it will be combined with all the other elements of the room. This applies to everything: the coffee table, nightstand and works of art.
  • In a small living room, choose a model with thin legs, and not with a solid base, to visually expand the space.

  • Ensure that the size of the chair and its location allow people to easily move around the room.
  • Try to combine your chair with an interesting side table and floor lamp to create a cozy lounge-zone. Soften the picture with a soft blanket or an interesting pillow.

We seduced you to choose a new chair? We would be glad to know if this is so.

Nice to be helpful. Keep reading our blog to find inspiration and learn a lot of secrets about design, fabrics and more.

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