How to choose the furniture for the living room?


egardless of whether you are an avid bachelor or an exemplary family man, the living room will be an important space in your home. In this room, as a rule, the family spends most of the time together and, of course, gatherings with friends are held right here. Therefore, choosing furniture that will create a comfortable, hospitable atmosphere and, at the same time, match your daily life, is the key to making your home always the best place to relax. Therefore, we offer you a couple of options for questions, which should be considered before buying a sofa:

1. Measure the room.

Measure the length and width of the living room using a tape measure. Do not forget, take into account the dimensions of any corners or other in-depth spaces in the room.

2. Draw a plan of the room.

It's better to use special checkered paper, but you can also draw it on plain paper for the printer, using a ruler to save the scale. Determine how much space you can take under the furniture and draw several different options for its placement. You must leave at least one meter of free space between pieces of furniture. If you do not comply with this rule, too little passages are formed and this will cause discomfort when moving around the living room.

3. Measure the doorways.

You need to understand the real width of the doorway, so as not to be in an awkward situation, when you deliver the new sofa home, you can not carry it through the door.

4. Lay out the living room.

Having understood how much space you can allocate for furniture, and where you want it to stand, mark out these places on the floor to get a visual representation. Use the tape for this, or lay out the sheets of the newspaper so as not to spoil the floors.

5. Think about how the room will be used.

If your living room is to be used in an everyday family setting, you will need solid furniture with a stain resistant stain, especially if you have small children. In this case, choose fabrics from the EverClean Plus collection. On the other hand, if your living room is to be used only for the reception of guests, then you can choose more delicate and informal furniture. For example, to choose a velor for a sofa as an upholstery material, it has pleasant tactile properties and looks always expensive and stylish.

6. Pay attention to the architecture of the room.

Some rooms have their own unique design elements that can help you decide on the choice of furniture that fits perfectly into the interior. For example, if you have a wooden fireplace, the country style interior will be a better option than the modern direction. And for an apartment with a beautiful view of the city, the best solution is the Art Nouveau style.

7. When selecting furniture in the living room, start with the basic elements.

The main elements of furniture in the living room, in most cases, will be: a sofa, armchairs, a table and a coffee table. Choose this furniture first, before you pick up additional couches, ottomans, lamps, decor.

8. Do not skimp on the basic furniture.

Choose furniture with strong wooden frames and winding steel springs. High-quality products will cost a little more, but they will usually last you much longer.

9. Choose a quality, resistant to stains and wear furniture fabric

High-quality and stylish upholstery allows you to feel more comfortable and, as a rule, will last longer than cheap Chinese fabric for upholstery. Moisture resistant fabrics from the EverClean Plus range will especially attract your attention if you have small children, but even if you plan to use the reception area, they will also be good, as spilled drinks and stains often become the consequences of parties.

10. Check the strength of the frame.

Raise one leg of the sofa about 15 centimeters from the floor. If the adjacent leg has not yet risen, the frame is too flexible and flimsy.

11. Carefully select items of the interior.

We in each article draw your attention to the fact that all the objects involved in the design of the room must be combined with each other. It is very important! Otherwise, your interior will look ridiculous and not modern. If you choose a certain style in which you want to design your house, for example, classic or modern, stick to it even in any detail.

12. Learn the basic characteristics of the chosen style.

To date, there are many directions in interior design, however, the most important are modern, classic, contemporary, kizhual and vintage.

So, for a modernist style and contemporary it is characteristic furniture which has smooth direct forms. Usually, white, beige and other neutral shades are used. For finishing, glass, metal and shiny black lacquer are used.

Classical furniture looks always expensive and luxurious. It can have round buckwheat, and in design use buttons and brushes. As an upholstery used, most often, a jacquard with a pattern of damascus, stripe, monograms. Colors range from ivory to rich shades of red and other colors.

Furniture in the style of kizhual simple and cozy. For such furniture use furniture fabrics with a small print and patterns of colors or cages.

Vintage furniture combines styles from French, Spanish and Italian design. Particularly suitable wooden, antique items. Vintage style is characterized by deep, earthy colors.

EDEN takes care of its customers. We constantly supplement the range of furniture fabrics, so that you can find the most suitable option for your interior. Let your furniture please you for many years!

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