What furniture fabric to choose for office furniture?


Choosing the right upholstery for office furniture is not an easy task. For office furniture, first of all, high performance is important. Therefore, we suggest that you ask yourself a few questions that will help you make your choice.

6 questions to answer when choosing fabrics for office furniture

In most cases, upholstery made of fabric is chosen for office premises, since it has an attractive appearance, is comfortable at various temperatures and is not picky about maintenance, moreover, it has a wide selection of different textures, colors and patterns. So, what should be considered when choosing a material for upholstery of office furniture?
1. Where will the office furniture be located? The durability of any upholstery depends on how often furniture is used. Since office furniture involves a high level of operation and not a very careful attitude, it is necessary to choose dense, wear-resistant fabrics. Pay attention to artificial materials, since most natural fibers will not cope with such a load.

2. Do direct sunlight fall on the furniture? Remember that all fabrics will fade in constant contact with the sun. Therefore, for offices with large panoramic windows, the best solution is to choose fabrics with the highest level of color fastness. For darker and closed rooms, color fastness indicators will not be so fundamental.

3. What atmosphere do you want to create in the workspace? In many ways, the selected color will be responsible for this. Bright colors will create a fun and friendly atmosphere, and warm colors will help to achieve a relaxing effect.

4. What design will work with your interior? Sometimes, it is better to choose a fabric with a pattern, as it better hides stains and scuffs. But this option is not suitable for every style of interior. Also, it is worth considering that woven patterns serve better than printed ones. You can, for example, make chairs made of fabric with a pattern, and choose large sofas in the same color, combining all the furniture with decorative pillows in the same fabric as the chairs.

5. You need to know how to properly care for the selected furniture fabric. There are finicky fabrics that require only dry cleaning, while upholstery with FibreGuard and EverClean Plus properties can be easily cleaned even with plain water and a cloth. For the office, you should choose a fabric that is not whimsical to care for and easy to clean, because with a large flow of people and stress, it is likely that your furniture will be exposed to stains and dirt.

6. Do you need some additional processing of the fabric? Today, there is a huge variety of tissue post-processing technologies that provide water repellent, antibacterial properties, easy cleaning, anti-nail and much more. Additional properties of fabric will help to serve your furniture much longer.

How to select Martindale upholstery for office furniture?

When choosing fabrics for office furniture, you need to pay attention to collections that will withstand heavy loads. This indicator is determined by the Martindale test, which is the friction in a circular motion of furniture fabric until the textile begins to deform.
If the fabric shows an estimate of 15,000 Martindale cycles, then it is considered suitable for use on upholstered furniture. However, for commercial organizations and institutions it is recommended to choose the fabric with the highest rates. Some fabrics show 100,000 cycles and above.

To summarize

When choosing your upholstery for office furniture, you need to understand that it should, first of all, reflect the nature and purpose of your company, as well as the people who work there. Take a little time to plan, purchase and select the right options, as this is also a kind of investment that will be with you for many years and will affect the first impression that you will make on your customers.
No matter what you ultimately choose, you will need to take care of furniture on a regular basis. Immediately remove stains, and also remember to vacuum the furniture weekly or wipe it from dust. Such care will extend the life of office furniture and help maintain a beautiful appearance.
And if you are still not sure about your choice, feel free to contact our specialists and they will help you make the right choice.

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