What color to choose a sofa?


In addition to the fact that the sofa is a place for rest and gathering the whole family, as a rule, due to its size and location, regardless of color and style, it is also the central element of any living room. However, choosing the right color sofa will help to build the right color concept for the room, and also reflect your personality and style. The main question to which you must answer, before you decide on the color of the sofa - do you want furniture "out of time" in the traditional color palette or make it a bright accent?

1. Find inspiration before buying.

Take several profile magazines about interior design and carefully study them. Usually in such magazines the main trends are collected, trend color combinations, and also classical variants are presented. In such magazines not only a lot of useful tips for choosing colors, but also a lot of ideas of ready-made design interiors that will help you decide how your house should look like. An excellent option is to search for inspirational ideas online, for example, using applications such as Instagram or Pinterest.

Also, you can visit furniture stores and home decor stores to see what will be relevant in the coming season.

2. Use colors that will complement the existing decor for an overall appearance.

The easiest way to choose a color for upholstered furniture is to rely on the shades that have already been used in the room. You will never be mistaken if you choose a sofa of the same color range, for example, and the walls in your living room, only a couple of tones are darker or lighter.

Or use the color wheel to create a color-block effect to determine what color sofa will be combined with the basic decor of the room. For example, if you have a lot of orange in the interior, then the blue sofa will be great. Or, if you have purple curtains, choose furniture in green shades.

If you are choosing a color for a sofa in an as yet empty room, then the best option is a neutral beige or gray color that can be easily combined with absolutely any colors and decor.

3. You can arrange accents by selecting an interesting color or picture.

Since the sofa is usually the central element of the living room, try to emphasize this. Choose a deep, saturated shade, relying on precious stones such as jade, ruby ​​and sapphire. This is always a win-win option: on the one hand - a bold and attractive color, on the other hand - will never go out of fashion.

For the interior in the style of pop art bright neon colors will do. However, it is worth remembering that from such an interior you can quickly get tired. Pop art style is suitable for thematic establishments, offices of IT companies, cafes, hostels and other art spaces, but in rooms that are designed for recreation use it is not advisable.

You can also choose upholstery with a large print, such as flowers or stripes, to highlight your sofa. However, remember, if you choose a furniture fabric with a pattern, then decorating it will be much more difficult.

4. Sofa neutral color suitable for any interior.

Upholstered furniture in upholstery of neutral colors, such as beige, gray, cream, taup, looks great in any room. You can also slightly change the look of your sofa by adding bright pillows and bedspreads.

For example, you can revive a gray sofa, using a red blanket and a few pillows with a red and white pattern. When you want to add a little summer mood to your interior, replace the red blanket with turquoise and add striped pillows, as well as with amusing sea prints.

5. Match the color of the sofa with the view outside the window.

Reception, which is rarely used, but in vain. This approach allows you to create the most harmonious space.

So, for example, if you have large panoramic windows and a beautiful view from the window, use this. For example, if you see a forest from a window - use deep green tones, if the river - the best choice is blue and turquoise, if there is a large beautiful garden outside the window, select colors that intersect with shades of flowers or plants.

For those who live in the city, you can choose a shade similar to the color of the surrounding buildings. Pay attention to the shades of brick surrounding buildings or metal structures nearby.

6. Consider who will use the sofa.

Before choosing a color for the sofa, think about other members of your family. If you have a roommate, children or a pet, then choose only dark shades to hide potential blemishes.

But, if you want to use light colors, you should choose the upholstery from the category Everclean Plus.

7. Take into account the location of the sofa.

Think about where you place the sofa and how it can affect the choice of color. For example, if you plan to put a sofa in front of a large window, then in the sun the fabric may burn out with time. In this case, it is better to choose the upholstery color, which will not burn out strongly, for example, gray or cream.

8. Look at the overall style of the room.

Determine, for what purpose will be used the room in which you buy a sofa?

If the room has a given goal or theme, you need the furniture color to reflect this. For example, if you use this room for entertainment, you can choose a bright, juicy color, such as red or purple.

If it is furniture for a room in which you plan to spend a lot of time, choose something from which you will not get tired, for example, a simple gray sofa.

If it is a rest room, a light, natural color, such as pale green or beige, will be the best choice.

As you understand, the answer to the question: "Which color is better for a sofa?" Will always be individual, it all depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. However, for those who have not been able to determine the color, we recommend choosing a fashionable and universal "taup" shade. It is suitable for furniture of any shape, will always look stylish and expensive, it is difficult to get tired of.

And finally, a few more secrets on the decor of the living room ...

• Do not allow decor elements to overfill the space. Use everything in moderation. It will be enough to have a pair of oil paintings or a glass sideboard in which a collection of cups or prototypes of racing cars will be exhibited. This will help to personalize your living room. Too much, will have the opposite effect - the room will seem cluttered and faceless.

• Always use samples. Ask for tissue samples, and check how well it will be combined with other colors in the interior. This will help you save money and avoid mistakes - choosing blindly.

• Measure the dimensions of the room and outline the layout of the furniture. Thanks to this, you will be able to determine the appropriate size of the furniture. Otherwise, you can buy a suite that does not actually fit your living room.

• Choose the color of walls, floor and finishing materials for the color of furniture and decor.

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