Among our clients there are leading furniture factories, manufacturers of upholstered furniture, furniture salons, dealers of furniture fabrics, designers, furniture fabrics shops, cabinet furniture manufacturers, chairs, retail customers all over Ukraine and CIS countries.

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To date, the ADK furniture factory is a full cycle of production of upholstered furniture, ranging from the design of models, to the release of high-quality, reliable and beautiful sofas. Their products - the result of fruitful and painstaking work of professionals in their field. Quality control of manufacturing of upholstered furniture is carried out at each stage - from the development of the sketch to the assembly. Only better and more proven materials are used, whether wood, transformation mechanisms, soft fillers or fabrics. No technological process is left without attention. No part goes into production without preliminary testing and control. The slightest hint of marriage - and it will never become part of the furniture "ADK". Any unit of furniture from the "ADK" fully justifies its value by the reliability of materials and the quality of labor invested in its manufacture. No overpayments, everything is justified.


The furniture factory "Constanta" was founded in 2001 in Kharkov, and to this day is engaged in the production of modern and reliable furniture. The company's activity was aimed at creating original and comfortable models in Ukraine, not inferior in quality to foreign famous brands. Having won leading positions in the Ukrainian market, the company continues its development and introduces the newest technologies into production. The trade mark has repeatedly participated in various exhibitions and competitions, and the diplomas received at these events are proof that the company is constantly improving and improving the quality of its products. To date, soft and cabinet furniture from the factory can be found in many shops and wholesale warehouses not only in the city of Kharkov. The firm has an impressive number of partners who purchase large quantities of goods for sale in various cities of Ukraine.


Factory "ARS" is a manufacturer with a full cycle. The entire process of the birth of a new model, from concept development to manufacturing, is carried out by the specialists of the company. When developing and manufacturing products, the most advanced solutions and technologies are used, which have proved themselves in the most famous European furniture companies. Furniture is made of the best modern materials, and strict quality control is carried out at all stages of production. In 2015, an important event occurred in the life of the company - the products of the factory reached the international level. The furniture factory "ARS" is continuously developing and annually presents new models of furniture that can satisfy the most demanding customers. The whole range of products of the "ARS" factory you can see in furniture stores throughout Ukraine.


VIT is Dnipropetrovsk furniture factory. They produce soft furniture of two price segments "medium" and "premium". The assortment of the factory has any upholstered furniture: from the most simple decorative pads to large corner sofas, 90% of models are designed for daily sleep. VIT mainly produce upholstered furniture for home use, but there are also models for cafes, bars and restaurants that can also be used for the kitchen.

Golden Plaza

The Online shop of furniture Golden Plaza is one of the leading platforms for retail purchases. Entering the site, each buyer will be pleasantly surprised by the huge assortment of goods, favorable payment terms, a wide price range, as well as regular sales and promotions.

Vito Palazzo

Products "Vito Palazzo" are exquisite sofas and armchairs from the magnificent natural leather of Italian manufacturers - combine a subtle aesthetic taste, the highest quality and functionality and will become a real decoration for any home or office. In the production of furniture "Vito Palazzo" the most reliable and environmentally friendly materials are used. Individual orders are also fulfilled - any whim of the most demanding customers.

DC Style

Design - Design, Comfort - Comfort, Style - Style, important and integral components of furniture.

Our company was founded in 2010. From the first day we set a goal, at the same time difficult and responsible - we produce high quality furniture for you at an excellent price. Good things are always in demand and today furniture from the DC DC-Style is furniture for true connoisseurs of quality, functionality and comfort. Introducing the most advanced technologies of the furniture industry in our production, using exceptionally high-quality, carefully tested materials and components, in combination with the professionalism of motivated and united by one goal employees, we make furniture that creates coziness and harmony in your home.