How to creatively approach the interior design?


Your interior, in most cases, can be a great place to realize your creative potential and show a bit of creativity.

Perhaps you work in a stuffy office from 09:00 to 18:00 and want to get relaxed, go beyond the boring numbers and get creative. Or maybe you have small children whom you want to captivate and instil in them from childhood the ability to self-realization and the manifestation of individuality. Dear artists who wish to comprehend this wonderful world, this article is dedicated to you.

Implement your ideas that you draws your imagination, it is possible in the interior of any style and room of any size. You can be a fan of minimalism, but that does not mean that it should be boring and overwhelm your personality.

Most people have a mistaken opinion, they say, it is expensive and not necessary, but it is a deep mistake. To create a stylish space, it is not necessary to live in a three-story house or a luxury apartment. Beautiful, cozy interior should surround each person. After all, the situation at home has a huge impact on the mood and psychological state of any person.

Naturalness and light - the success of any interior

According to research by American scientists, indoor plants and fresh flowers in the office can increase the creative potential of employees by 45%. If plants affect the work so much, imagine what kind of atmosphere they will create in your home!

It's sad, but the fact is, today the level of agglomeration is higher than ever in the history of mankind - the density of population in large cities is getting higher, fewer people are left in villages. In a stuffy city, we do not receive the energy of nature. Using a large number of indoor plants in the decor, ennobling the area near the house with flowers and trees, we satisfy our needs for communication with nature, purify the air and relax.

This also applies to light. Of course, we know that the chances of renovating a dwelling are negligible, regardless of whether you live in a rented apartment or in your own house, so we will immediately leave this idea aside. Our advice is more practical - open the windows. Seriously, remove all blinds and multi-layered curtain structures. Give preference to light tulle and easy-to-slide curtains. If you are not lucky enough to have large windows in the room, the task becomes a bit more complicated, however, in this case there are ways to visually alleviate and lighten the room.

Our main tips for dark environments:

  • For walls, choose light shades and color accents (but this does not mean that they should be completely removed).
  • Paint the ceiling white.
  • Remove the bulky and dark chandeliers. Replace them with fluorescent lamps.
  • Mirrors (and other shiny surfaces such as metal hardware) are your loyal assistants. They will reflect and refract any light that you have.
  • Light furniture. If you already have a sofa or a favorite chair, why not drag it with light fabrics? Our wide assortment of furniture textiles in neutral colors will help you in creating a bright space.

Use your hobby as a decor

It is not necessary to store the results of your hobbies in a storage room or garage. Find them a place in your interior. Pictures, photos, medals, certificates and crafts of children - this is a creative decor that will add freshness and individuality to the room, in addition, it is an excellent reason for pride and motivation for further accomplishments.

If you yourself can not think of how to successfully enter such a decor in the existing interior, look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.

Personal items best reflect individuality

Looking for inspiration? Then here are a few ideas where you can learn from them:

  • Sentimentally significant things and accessories, such as photos, tickets to a concert or a picture of a loved one
  • Personal charms, sacred objects, everything with which you feel a spiritual connection and attract good luck
  • Favorite colors
  • Souvenirs

Mix everything!

If you want to develop your creative potential, then take a creative approach to the design of your interior: change your idea of ​​the working space and the opinions of others.

Depending on what kind of work you do and what you do, equip your workplace so that you enjoy the process. Perhaps you will be more comfortable sitting on the pillows on the floor, and not at the desk.

Experiment with surfaces

In the soul, we all want to be that creative genius, writing on any surface everything that comes to mind. And we want to say that this is possible.

Yes, there is a washable marker for glass surfaces. For other surfaces. There are special boards and coatings. Alternatively, you can attach sheets of paper to the walls, and draw whatever you want there.

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Let's summarize the key points:

  1. You can embody any idea in your interior and it will be appropriate.
  2. The interior should not be expensive to reveal your creative side and personality.
  3. Use as decoration your personal items that reflect your hobbies, hobbies, interests and preferences.
  4. Pay special attention to lighting. A lot of light - the key to a cozy home.

We hope that you have learned something interesting from this article. Email us on Facebook or Instagram and share your ideas and tips on how you create a creative and cozy interior in your home.

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