Tips for choosing the right upholstered furniture for a restaurant


Opening a restaurant can cause real stress, because there are many things that you need to think through to the smallest detail. You must choose the right location, create the perfect menu and choose the best team of professionals who will help in the implementation of your plans and ideas. So, that the choice of restaurant furniture, you can come up not fully.

When choosing upholstered furniture for a restaurant, it is very important to consider many factors, such as price, design and floor space. Before you finally make a choice, make sure that the furniture meets all of the parameters listed below, then you will be pleased for a long time to buy.

Institution area

The first thing to consider when choosing furniture is the area of ​​the restaurant. You must know exactly what area you have in free use in order to correctly determine the number of seats needed.

If you have a little space, then compact sofas rather than massive tables and chairs are the ideal choice. Even if you want to maximize the number of seats in the restaurant, you must leave a free passage between the tables and the kitchen, which will allow waiters to move freely.

If you are new to the restaurant business, then you should avoid a big pile of tables. The inconvenience of landing can spoil the customers ’impressions of the establishment, even despite the amazing cuisine. This rule also works in the opposite direction - if your establishment is very popular and famous for its excellent cuisine, then closely placed small tables will serve you as many guests as possible and create a feeling of excitement. For example, most restaurants with a Michelin star are not marble staircases and huge halls, but small eateries in different parts of Europe.

Restaurant concept

When choosing furniture in a restaurant, always consider the concept of the restaurant, as well as the menu. Your decor and furniture should contribute to creating the atmosphere and sensations that you want to awaken at a party. If you have a restaurant for families, practical furniture with easy-to-clean upholstery will suit you. If you have a gourmet restaurant, exquisite and elegant furniture with upholstery made of expensive natural materials will look great.

Whatever concept you choose, you must remember that all decor, from furniture to glasses, should recreate a suitable atmosphere.

Your budget

It is likely that when you open a new restaurant, you have a ready-made business plan that lists all planned costs. And, if you can easily replace one model of furniture with another similar one, then changing the budget plan is not so simple.

If you have to save or a very reduced budget, you can use the services of selling supported furniture and find yourself a decent option. It is more likely that it will be cheaper to drag old furniture than to buy a new one of the same quality.

Furniture cleaning

When you are looking for furniture for a restaurant, try to find a model with a laconic design. Permanent stains and spilled drinks on the chairs are inevitable, so avoid intricate designs, since they are much more difficult to clean from crumbs and food debris.

If you purchase upholstered furniture, give preference to furniture fabrics with the EverClean plus or FibreGuard property. All household stains can be easily removed from such fabrics with a napkin and water, which is very convenient in places of public catering.

You should also budget professional cleaning, which will have to be done 1-2 times a year.

The waiting area

In addition to the dining room, you must take care of the lobby. There must necessarily be comfortable chairs and couches. They must withstand high operational loads and be upholstered with easy-care materials. The lobby should look spectacular and reflect the concept of your restaurant.

High abrasion resistance

Do not buy furniture that is not intended for commercial use. You must be sure that the new furniture will withstand active daily use. Therefore, pay attention to the wear resistance of the materials of which the furniture is made.

What furniture you would not choose for the restaurant, whether it be couches, chairs or soft chairs, they will play an important role in the overall aesthetics of the restaurant's interior. Before making a purchase, carefully go through all the above points to make sure that you are making the right choice.

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