Style "casual" in the interior


What is casual?

A simple and light casual style in the interior design of a house or apartment is individuality, comfort and convenience. Casual style in the interior means a lot of free space, comfort, laid-back elegance and beauty of the premises, decorated with taste and preserving individuality.

The interior in the style of casual has the main characteristics:

• natural materials and fabrics;

• a combination of exquisite chic and simplicity. This design is not characterized by pretentiousness, pomposity and brightness;

•             pastel shades. The main colors are beige, white, sand, mint, gray, light pink, gold. It is permissible to arrange small accents with patches of black, dark red, purple, orange;

• Interesting textures and textures. Pleasant to touch and attractive textiles, as well as an interesting finish play an important role in creating an interior in the style of casual;

• smooth lines and geometric shapes;

• The basis of this style is comfort, convenience, coziness and freedom. Casual style does not have strict limitations and laws.

Casual interior is elegance, space and bright colors, freedom of expression and the absence of strict rules in the organization of space. It is ideal for those who appreciate style and comfort without restrictions and excesses.

Features of the style casual:

Furniture in casual style: comfortable sofa, large bed, low table and wicker furniture. Softness, pleasant textures and a pastel palette combined with bright accents (plaid or decorative pillows). The most common material is wood.

Textiles should be natural and comfortable: pleasant to the touch, attractive, expensive. Long light curtains, upholstered furniture, a neat carpet, an interesting cover on a chair - all this is appropriate in the interior of the style of casual. The company EDEN offers a wide range of furniture fabrics that perfectly fit into your cozy interior.

Preference is given to natural materials (wood), artificial materials with a qualitative imitation of natural texture will also be appropriate. Elements of forging, carving, weaving (straw, bamboo, rattan) are also very relevant.

Individuality and a special charm in the design of casual is achieved with the help of decorative elements with the effect of aging (boxes, watches, etc.), ceramic dishes, original paintings and photo frames, unusual vases or candlesticks, wrought iron hooks, interesting lighting.

Casual style in the home interior design, office or hotel - it's expressive details, original organization of space, comfort and a combination of unusual decorative elements with a calm neutral background.

History of the emergence of the style casual

Casual arose as a response to the triumph of "traditional" interior design: urban, ultramodern style, devoid of ordinary comfort, excessively pretentious and luxurious.

"Casual" literally means the same as in translation: "slovenly", "everyday", "unintentional". It's a lifestyle. Everyday design is simplicity, convenience and unobtrusive elegance.

Where to use the style?

This style is almost universal. Anyone who appreciates comfort and a cozy home atmosphere, as well as simplicity and elegance, can choose this style for their home.

Kitchen in the style of casual - it's expressive colors, wooden furniture and flooring, beautiful ceramic vases and light-colored dishes, forged candlesticks and the smell of delicious homemade food.

The cabal in the living room is usually embodied in a comfortable long sofa, comfortable chairs, original vases with fresh flowers or a dish of fruit, attractive and soft textiles.

Rooms in the everyday style are not overloaded with decorative elements. When you fill the space, it is important to maintain moderation and create a harmonious environment.

This style is suitable not only for home interior.

The casual in the interior of the hotel is a cosiness and softness that promotes a relaxing and peaceful time of forwarding. Such an interior will appeal to many, it does not cause dissonance or dislike, due to its versatility, simplicity and elegance.

Casual style in the interior design of the boutique will help customers relax and feel comfortable. Casual is freedom of creativity, attention to detail and restrained beauty of simple and pleasant pieces of furniture and decorative elements of the interior.

Who will approach the interior in casual style?

The design of an apartment in a casual style will appeal to everyone who prefers unobtrusive simplicity. For those who love interiors designed for life, not for flashy brightness.

So, summing up, you can take a few basic features of the style casual:

• Lack of boasting, pretentiousness, unnecessary details;

• The style is designed for modern people who value comfort and beauty;

• Paradoxical combination of simplicity and functionality, space and semantic load of the interior;

• Interior of the house in casual style - beautiful, cozy and individual. Everyday design includes a lot of design solutions, while preserving the uniqueness and individual style.

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