In the section "Fabrics" the whole assortment of the catalog of furniture fabrics is presented. Fabrics for upholstery furniture EDEN is a guarantee of quality, style, variety of choice of textures, interesting designs, trendy color solutions. Innovative weaving technologies ensure the durability and practicality of upholstery fabrics on the sofa. And the diversity of the presented collections in the EDEN furniture fabrics catalog will satisfy all tastes.

  • South Beach
    South Beach
  • South Beach Biscayne 10-Emerald
    South Beach Biscayne 10-Emerald
  • South Beach Biscayne 16-Metal
    South Beach Biscayne 16-Metal
  • South Beach Biscayne 26-Tropical
    South Beach Biscayne 26-Tropical
  • South Beach Ocean Drive 01-Horizon
    South Beach Ocean Drive 01-Horizon
  • Evoke
  • Evoke Dare 08-Onyx
    Evoke Dare 08-Onyx
  • Evoke Dare 17-Ivory
    Evoke Dare 17-Ivory
  • Evoke Dare 21-Sand
    Evoke Dare 21-Sand
  • Evoke Mood 12-Berry
    Evoke Mood 12-Berry
  • Evoke Mood 18-Ivory
    Evoke Mood 18-Ivory
  • Evoke Mood 22-Sand
    Evoke Mood 22-Sand
  • Evoke Mood 24-Silver
    Evoke Mood 24-Silver
  • Evoke Mood 28-Duckegg
    Evoke Mood 28-Duckegg
  • Evoke Ponder 20-Oyster
    Evoke Ponder 20-Oyster
  • Evoke Ponder 26-Duckegg
    Evoke Ponder 26-Duckegg
  • Evoke Shaker 05-Aluminium
    Evoke Shaker 05-Aluminium
  • Evoke Shaker 19-Oyster
    Evoke Shaker 19-Oyster
  • Evoke Shaker 25-Canyon
    Evoke Shaker 25-Canyon
  • Deluxe
  • Deluxe 01-Feather
    Deluxe 01-Feather
  • Deluxe 02-Dove
    Deluxe 02-Dove
  • Deluxe 03-Mouse
    Deluxe 03-Mouse
  • Deluxe 04-Steel
    Deluxe 04-Steel
  • Deluxe 05-Charcoal
    Deluxe 05-Charcoal
  • Deluxe 06-Elephant
    Deluxe 06-Elephant
  • Deluxe 07-Havana
    Deluxe 07-Havana
  • Deluxe 08-Oyster
    Deluxe 08-Oyster
  • Deluxe 09-Sesame
    Deluxe 09-Sesame
  • Deluxe 10-Dune
    Deluxe 10-Dune
  • Deluxe 11-Nougat
    Deluxe 11-Nougat
  • Deluxe 12-Limestone
    Deluxe 12-Limestone
  • Deluxe 13-Griffin
    Deluxe 13-Griffin
  • Deluxe 14-Balsam
    Deluxe 14-Balsam
  • Deluxe 15-Peacock
    Deluxe 15-Peacock
  • Deluxe 16-Cypress
    Deluxe 16-Cypress
  • Deluxe 17-Bottle
    Deluxe 17-Bottle
  • Deluxe 18-Lime
    Deluxe 18-Lime
  • Deluxe 19-Amber
    Deluxe 19-Amber
  • Deluxe 20-Wood
    Deluxe 20-Wood
  • Deluxe 21-Autumn
    Deluxe 21-Autumn
  • Deluxe 22-Sienna
    Deluxe 22-Sienna
  • Deluxe 23-Henna
    Deluxe 23-Henna
  • Deluxe 24-Vino
    Deluxe 24-Vino
  • Deluxe 25-Lollipop
    Deluxe 25-Lollipop
  • Deluxe 26-Plum
    Deluxe 26-Plum
  • Deluxe 27-Sky
    Deluxe 27-Sky
  • Deluxe 28-Petrol
    Deluxe 28-Petrol
  • Deluxe 29-Indigo
    Deluxe 29-Indigo
  • Deluxe 30-Scuba
    Deluxe 30-Scuba
  • Deluxe 31-Celadon
    Deluxe 31-Celadon
  • Deluxe 32-Lagoon
    Deluxe 32-Lagoon
  • Deluxe 33-Surf
    Deluxe 33-Surf
  • Peak
  • Peak 19-Sky
  • Peak 01-Walnut
  • Peak 02-Mushrooms
  • Peak 03-Taupe
  • Peak 04-Sand
  • Peak 05-Rattan
  • Peak 06-Wool
  • Peak 07-Swan
  • Peak 08-Ermine
  • Peak 09-Linen
  • Peak 10-Putty
  • Peak 11-Pelican
  • Peak 12-Qwartz
  • Peak 13-Mouse
  • Peak 14-Onyx
  • Peak 15-Elephant
  • Peak 16-Shark
  • Peak 17-Sterling
  • Peak 18-Cloud
  • Peak 20-Captain
  • Peak 21-Spruce
  • Peak 22-Pool
  • Peak 23-Duckegg
  • Peak 24-Jade
  • Peak 25-Malachite
  • Peak 26-Bermuda
  • Peak 27-Turtle
  • Peak 28-Palm
  • Peak 29-Banana
  • Peak 30-Mandarin
  • Peak 31-Candy
  • Peak 32-Peony
  • Peak 33-Auburn
  • Peak 34-Plum
  • Peak 35-Amethyst


Upholstered furniture is the main element in any interior. In order for it to become a decoration of the room and has served for a year, it is very important to choose sofas or armchairs made of quality materials and components.

If you want to produce new furniture or to pull your old couch or armchair, you will encounter the need to buy a furniture fabric.

The company "EDEN" presents to your attention a variety of furniture fabrics: matting, microshock, velor, jacquard, microfiber, eco-leather, flock. Interesting textures, actual designs, trend colors of upholstery fabrics are collected in the catalog of the site "EDEN".

All «EDEN» fabrics are produced at the leading factories in the textile industry. Pass all the necessary quality assessments according to the world standards ISO, and also carefully checked for marriage. Thanks to this, the furniture fabric "EDEN" has excellent quality indicators, such as high wear resistance, low pilling ability, color fastness, easy cleaning.

We maintain a permanent balance of all working collections in stock in the Dnieper, Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa.

Samples of our tissues can be obtained by leaving an application on our website, or by contacting our regional representative in the Dnieper, Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine.

Buy an upholstery fabric can be, leaving an application for mail or by phone, wholesale and retail from 0.1m. on the cities of Ukraine. Delivery is carried out within 2 working days by courier services New Mail, Deliveri, SAT, Autolux, Gunsel, Intime.


When making an order for furniture fabric, be guided by real samples.

The photos placed on the site are intended only for checking the correctness of the chosen color, because the individual tones of the monitor and the brightness of the screen may differ.

Changing the shade from roll to roll is acceptable, since it is possible to use a different batch of dye. The allowed deviation of the color and shade of any upholstery fabric from batch to batch is set to not more than 5%.