Top 5 most famous sofas in the world


Our dear readers, today we have prepared a small top-list to entertain you a little.

Let's be honest - we all love to come home from time to time, turn on your favorite TV show and relax in front of the TV. We watch many cult shows from year to year, and the heroes of our favorite TV shows have become painfully loved and close to us. What do they attract us? Actor's play, directorial work, exciting plot? Or perhaps something more everyday? Yes, sometimes it’s just a good way to relax and throw away all unnecessary thoughts to the side, but what could be more relaxing and cozy than a sofa? Sofas in a TV show - most often, this is the favorite gathering place for all the characters, the place where the brightest events take place.

Let's pay tribute to this wonderful piece of furniture, which entertained us both on television and in life.


No one dares to argue that the sofa of one of the most beloved and popular TV shows all over the world, “Friends”, is the most recognizable on television. For years, we watched the dramas unfolding in the cafe Central Perk, where six best friends gathered, laughed at Joey's silly jokes, worried about the relationship of the characters and listened to Phoebe's ridiculous songs.

Vintage orange sofa with velor upholstery in a classic Victorian style is the center of the character’s world of characters in the show “Friends”. The sofa for filming was found in the basement of the Warner Brothers studio and has already become the hallmark of this popular sitcom of the 90s.

The Simpsons

The sofa from the animated series "The Simpsons" forever entered the history of television, probably every person at least once watched the opening captions of the animated show, when the whole clan is in a hurry to catch the sofa to watch TV.

The simple, unremarkable brown sofa, owned by the Simpsons, had a difficult fate. Initially, he belonged to their neighbor, Ned Flanders, who carried him to the sidewalk and left him there. He was rescued by Homer Simpson and is now comfortably located in their living room. It is here that there are fights, civil strife, the Olympic Games and zombie attacks, not to mention the eternal "sofa" jokes when, for example, this poor, not new couch exploded, surfed and tried to escape from the hands of the Simpson family.

The Big Bang Theory

Another classic brown leather sofa was saved from premature recycling outside. This simple sofa lived a rich life: he dealt with dangerous video games, was shot from a paintball gun, fell in love with him, married and parted. But, undoubtedly, he became popular all over the world thanks to Sheldon Cooper, who, however, as always, derived a special theory and for many years took “his” place.

There is nothing worse in the world than the anger of Sheldon, when someone dared to sit in his place. It doesn't matter what he does - he talks about his own superiority, plays strange, made-up games with friends, eats Chinese food with Leonard and Penny, or plays with flags, Sheldon always sits in his place.

You will ask why? This is what Dr. Cooper responds to: “This place is ideally located in relation to the heat source in the winter and the air flow in the summer, and it also faces the television at an angle that allows me to dive into the game or watch television and not be involved in the conversation . In the end, I took it forever. ”

Married with children

Another cult TV series of the 90s. If you have not watched the American version, then surely you have watched its Russian counterpart "Happy Together." Old, very strange sofa, which did not fit into the interior of the apartment seller of shoes. Probably everyone will remember Gena Bukin, who always sat on the couch with a can of beer after a hard day’s work in a shoe store, deliberately ignoring his wife.

Big Brother

The cult American TV show of the 2000s, which even if it was not watched by everyone, but everyone, at least once in their life, used the phrase: “Big Brother is watching you.” The chair from “Big Brother” is not as recognizable as it is the same attribute show. With special attention from year to year, we watched not only what celebrities are taking part in it, but also how crazy chair they will invent this time. That is why this TV show deserves to take its place of honor in this list.

We hope we have a little fun. Share your memories, which serial sofa most of all you remember?

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