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Top 9 furniture trends in 2019


The next year is coming to an end, but this is no reason to be sad, but the opportunity to start everything from scratch, to become a little bit better. But how interesting is it to find out what the future year is preparing for us?

The 2019 is already on the way, and the most difficult thing is to “catch the wave”, not to wishful thinking, but to make what you want - real! Not clear yet? And this is what it is: let's say a new fashion season comes, and with it new trends, for example, this year the main color has been announced - Live Coral, and the animated pattern has become the most fashionable print. This all appears, first on the catwalks, and then in the clothing retail, he provokes the leading designers around the world to adapt it to the interior sphere, and to introduce us to the collection of upholstery materials. After all, this is new, it shocks and attracts.

And then a new day comes, and suddenly the sales manager reports that he has begun to actively sell fuchsia-colored fabrics. Complains that there are so few in stock. And we are perplexed, trying to imagine that bold person and his interior, in which there is enough space for an eight-meter sofa in a bright crimson color.

At what point does the consciousness of the consumer turn over and what was unclaimed yesterday or the “whim of a designer” become massive and trendy? And how can we understand, predict, calculate - what will become really in demand and when will it not just remain a designer trick?

We did not miss the chance and made you a list of interesting trends that will rule in the furniture industry in the coming year.

However, we hasten to reassure all owners of salons and factories: most of last year's trends successfully migrated to the new season.

So, TOP-9 trends of 2019 in the furniture industry and interior

The future has already begun!

The tendency to luxury and wealth is evident when it comes to comfortable upholstered furniture - sofas, armchairs and ottomans - they are all big, soft, as if enveloping the body with velor and their rounded shapes. Designers usually combine such models with marble cladding, glass structures and metal surfaces that mimic brass, copper, silver or gold.

Although luxury is an eternal trend for many large brands, however, innovations and modern technologies make us look at the creation of furniture from a new angle: today there are brands in the world that are switching to 3D printing. Practical, flexible and easily adaptable in a dynamic life flow, modern 3D furniture has added value.

Some design studios and artists that we will introduce to you next use sustainable bioplastic to create their own 3D models, others recycle and reuse household plastic waste, but in any case, they were the first to show that the future has already come, and design and modern production furniture can respect the planet.

Powder shades

“Powder is a new alternative to neutral shades. It goes well with basic gray and beige colors. It can also be combined with bright hues, such as dark blue, green or amber. Powder allows them to open up and become accents. " - says Rob Royer, CEO of Interior Define.

Geometric drawings

“Today, geometry rules the market. But the classic small evenly repeating patterns disappear, and they are replaced by bolder, larger, and asymmetric forms. Perfect imperfection. " - Share your observations of trends in 2019 by Michel Smith Boyd, interior designer.

Natural materials

“In the new year, the demand for natural materials and textures will continue. People like everything eco. Natural stones, wood and even textiles will be used in quite unusual variations, which will allow to combine such seemingly opposite concepts as luxury and simplicity. Do not be afraid to experiment. - Continues Michelle Smith Boyd, interior designer.

More gold

“Metal will begin to use in more interesting variations. Metal hardware will be used more often than ever before. But let's do without the pink gold! All metal will become more massive and coarse. In the fashion of natural shades and texture. Metal fittings will definitely become more interesting and sculptured than in the past. We see a pronounced tendency: movement towards art as a function. ” - Says Joy Moiler, interior designer.

According to forecasts of fashion analysts - gold will get a second life and will become one of the main trends in 2019. The combination of surfaces from black and red gold with raw natural finishes will help this metal to play with new colors.

Matte black - new gray!

Nothing adds such dramatic effect as black. In the 2019th, it will be possible to see more and more bold, high-contrast designs on the pages of Instagram and Pinterest, because the matte black color is moving from the fashion industry to household items and interiors. Lighting, furniture, home décor and cabinets are all key elements you can use to reflect the trend in your interior. Probably, this trend will stay with us for a long time.

Fabrics that you want to touch again and again

Another mainstream in 2019 will be soft and natural fabrics. To embody this trend in upholstered furniture, bedspreads, pillows and curtains. The movement to the natural textures of fabrics indicates the fatigue of people from the crazy rhythms of big cities and the desire for unity with nature. The good news is that you can use natural textures of textiles in a variety of styles: from Hamptons to Boho, from French to Scandinavian in any other direction of design between them.

Hand made and individual approach in trend again!

“The trend I see in furniture is movement towards custom-made handicrafts. People like the story, they want to know how and by whom their furniture was created. Of course, mass production will continue to flourish, but adding a little “personality” to your models is still worth even a mass market. "- Joy Cho, founder and creative director of Oh Joy, shares upcoming furniture trends!

“Small details in furniture upholstery can make significant changes to the overall design. Even exclusive seams can be the main accent. Contrast fittings, a bright line or flange connections will help to make furniture unique and create higher value. ” - Sharing with us Rob Royer, CEO, Interior Define

ART DECO - the new Art Nouveau of the mid-nineteenth century?

“We expect that the influence of Art Deco will become more noticeable next year, which will be reflected in both textile design and furniture silhouettes. If we talk about color, the powder will occupy one of the dominant roles in furniture. Given this, we assume that the colors that complement the powdery shades will also be in demand, in particular, olive green, turquoise and dark blue. "- Share your assumptions about the furniture trends of 2019 Meghann Wecker, founder of Cloth & Company.

Of course, all the predicted trends in varying degrees, are reduced to the environmental topic. The main trend today is the use of not so much fashionable and aesthetic materials as materials that can be recycled and reused. This is no longer just a preference, but even an obligation.

In other words, the trend will be all that is in harmonious interaction with nature, while maintaining an unusual interpretation and high artistry.

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