“WHERE I BELONG”: Heimtextil presents the main textile trends of 2020/2021


Heimtextil launched the new 2020/2021 season with the theme “The place I belong to”. In an official preview of Heimtextil trends, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam director Ann Marie Commander introduced new textile design topics. The presentation on the eve of the main textile exhibition in Europe, Heimtextil (January 7-10, 2020), was held at the Textile Laboratory of the Textile Museum in Tilburg, Netherlands, September 11, 2019 and was broadcast worldwide.
This season, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam was responsible for the maintenance of the trend book and the organization of the exhibition area at the international textile exhibition for the home and under the contract. In addition to Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, London-based FranklinTill studio and Danish agency SPOTT contributed to the global 20/21 forecast for interior design prospects. Together with the Heimtextil management team, key experts in the field of design trends opened the curtain of secrets during the seminar and talked about future styles.
At the Trend Council's annual international seminar, identity became a major topic: part of a broader discussion on gender and cultural diversity, tolerance and tolerance. Today, the process of self-identification seems more complex than ever. Identity is now formed through experience that occurs simultaneously, at different levels: local, national, global, online and offline. Thus, identity can consist of many different layers. In fact, all people can have multiple identities.

Creating space for a multifaceted "I"

To expand on the theme of WHERE I BELONG, Heimtextil 20/21 displays a multi-component identity across five different trends. “Maximum Glam” - turns glamorous life into a tech savvy, “Pure Spiritual” - finds a balance between nature and mysticism, “Active Urban” - appreciates utilitarian, adaptable solutions, while “Heritage Lux” - emphasizes a rich historical heritage, and “Multi -Local ”- covers global cultural influences.

This year's WHERE I BELONG trend was designed to show that there is no single concept suitable for everyone. To uncover all facets of our identity in a more informative and inspiring way, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam invited four design studios and two photographers to capture the idea of ​​each topic. Each creative was assigned a theme that corresponded to his philosophy, practice and methodology, which allowed them to bring a personal and authentic aspect to history.
Creating five conceptual worlds as a space for experimentation, Trend Space also implemented 2D visualizations from the brand book in the form of 3D installations. Conceptual installations were designed to actively attract the attention of visitors and motivate them to share their experiences. Thus, visitors themselves were able to determine where they are and to which target group they relate to.

Material Library of the Future

The main event of Heimtextil Trend Space 2020 was the library of materials of the future, curated by FranklinTill, representing new innovations in the field of materials in the textile industry for the interior. Focused on composition of materials and production innovations, the exhibits of the library have become a storehouse of invaluable information and inspiration for visitors and exhibitors, complementing the window of aesthetic design and color trends. Each demonstrated sample contained brief information about the origin of each material, the manufacturing process, and processing options.

Material manifest

Heimtextil and an international team of trainers have developed a Materials Manifesto that describes how to manage the resources used during the exhibition and avoid using additional materials that may not be needed after the exhibition closes. Thanks to the rational choice of materials, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam will reduce material consumption and create an exciting forum with minimal costs. Filling Trend Space with an area of ​​2000 square meters. m. during the four days of the exhibition is a task that the Heimtextil and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam team had to work hard to create an exhibition, furnished mainly from textiles and inflatable products, that is, those materials that can be reused after the event.

Well, now let's take a closer look at the five basic concepts around which the entire Heimtextil 2020/2021 exhibition was built:


Modern hedonists bring theatrical trends and the glamorous aesthetics of show business into everyday life, creating a fantastic symbiosis between the creative and digital world. Textiles correspond to the slogan “more is more”, combining glamor, gradients and color spectra, faux fur, pile and fringe, jacquard weaves and fantastic prints. Bright, colorful colors achieve their aesthetic appeal thanks to eclectic shine, synthetic flicker, digital shine and artful blur.


Idealists strive for perfection and purity, restoring a connection with nature, lost in the bustling everyday life of the metropolis. They use modern technology in search of personal space. In order to restore the lost connection with nature, they choose organic materials, raw materials and eco-friendly textiles, which retains its natural texture with all the roughness and unevenness in which the reflection of mother nature is clearly visible. The color scheme here also reflects the natural shades of nature and earth.


Urban residents are faced with the challenges of a dynamic environment, seeking utilitarian, adaptable solutions. They value technical productivity while wisely using affordable and renewable resources. Functionality is a priority, not excluding the excellent appearance and good performance. Hybrid textile for interior and clothing is a smooth surface combined with fancy graphic textures. The palette is dominated by saturated blue, asphalt gray and caterpillar yellow.


Keepers of historical heritage a completely new interpretation of past eras. This new story is reflected in the desire for luxury and grandeur, decoration and decoration. Achieving historical beauty with ornaments and attractive surface finishes. Thinking about ancient history leads to a palette with a mysterious blood red, sapphire and shiny mother of pearl.


Local craft goes global by celebrating inclusiveness over appropriation, respecting traditional craftsmanship and adapting it to modern technology, while preserving the creative integrity and diversity of identities. Local features are confronted by global trends. This is a holiday of decorative patterns, from tribal and folklore to geometric and abstract. The textile palette is becoming part of a wider cultural narrative associated with the local community, cultural heritage and individual identity.

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