Winter interior: 10 rules for a cozy and festive decor


Each new season is an opportunity for us to change something in our interior, create a special atmosphere and diversify the familiar atmosphere. Want to learn how to bring a joyful, festive mood and warm atmosphere to your home? Then, stay with us, we have prepared an article for you, where we have collected the coolest and most current ideas for winter decor.

Cozy textile

Volumetric, warm and cute textiles are the main trend of the winter season. On the eve of the New Year, buy yourself new flannel sheets, a cashmere or woolen blanket, or a cotton quilt. Treat yourself and loved ones. Different in design and color, the rugs folded on the back of the sofa, casually spread out on the bed or folded into small rolls in a decorative basket, will create a feeling of coziness and comfort and awaken inside the “same” feeling of warmth from childhood. This winter, the focus will be on large-knit accessories and textiles. Chairs with a seat made of faux fur will perfectly complement the interior, and sheepskin carpets will provide warmth for your legs.

Wood finish

In cold, gray weather, the interior, in which there are accessories and decor made of warm wood, will create a warming effect. Ideally, wooden floors and finishes look like this time of year, but there are simpler solutions. For example, hang a picture in a wooden frame or put a small wooden table for hot drinks. For the most daring - you can put an ordinary wooden box with firewood, creating the feeling of a village house. This solution looks cozy and cute!


If you have a fireplace in your house, then, undoubtedly, this will become a favorite place on New Year's holidays. In addition, today you can install an electric fireplace even in a city apartment. The fireplace will create a romantic and kind atmosphere. This is a great way to enjoy your winter evenings.

Stylish candles

Do not sit in the dark! In winter, every day gets shorter and shorter, you can fix this by adding as many light sources as possible. Candles are a great option, thanks to their calm light, they create a festive atmosphere. Candlesticks, by the way, will be an excellent element of New Year decorations and decor. In addition, candles should be chosen in the tone of New Year's toys to fit into the overall concept of decor.

Metal and mirror surfaces

Another way to give shine to the whole house is to use decor with metal surfaces and mirror elements. Not only do the various finishes give the design a zest and contrast, but also such materials will help to beautifully reflect the light and allow it to play.


Gray tree branches, smoky feathers from fireplaces and frosty window panes ... It is not surprising that various shades of gray are one of the main trends in winter interior design. Inspired by the neutral palette of nature, the shades of slate, charcoal, stone, fog and haze penetrate inside the house, both in basic furniture and in accent decor.

Deep blue

To diversify the color scheme of your interior this winter, look for deeper shades of blue, such as navy blue, indigo, peacock color and ink. Despite the cool hue, dark blue exudes an atmosphere of exquisite celebration, which works well in combination with wooden accents. One of the easiest ways to add deep blue to your home is with holiday and New Year decorations.

Family atmosphere

Winter often causes nostalgic feelings - a desire to gather in the family circle, waiting for the New Year holidays and delicious home-made food. Bring back that dear and close to your heart feeling by adding elements of traditional style to your home. It can be decorative pillows with hand embroidery, a comfortable rocking chair, a plaid or dense curtains.

Christmas tree

Without which not a single New Year’s interior can do without a decorated Christmas tree. It can be a big living tree in the middle of the room, or maybe a small LED installation that adds light and joy to the overall design. The fragrance will also be a great addition and harbinger of the upcoming holidays.

Festive table decor

Chatting with family and friends at the dinner table is the best option for winter pastime. Add an instant festive mood using a traditional red-green checkered tablecloth or any other tablecloth with a New Year's pattern, put New Year decorations, candles, spruce branches or Christmas flowers in the center of the table. To create a more glamorous decor, choose jewelry in white tones and metal trim. In any case, such a decoration will help create a joyful and festive mood.
With the help of simple design ideas for creating a festive, winter interior, be sure that your home will be warm and cozy.

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