We are constantly developing and try to follow all new trends and trends in the furniture market. Every season, we update our collections, presenting only the highest quality and interesting furniture fabrics that meet all the requirements of the modern world.

  • Sorriso
  • Sorriso 10
    Sorriso 10
  • Sorriso 3
    Sorriso 3
  • Sorriso 4
    Sorriso 4
  • Sorriso 6
    Sorriso 6
  • Sorriso 13
    Sorriso 13
  • Trend
  • Trend 12129/9852
    Trend 12129/9852
  • Trend 12129/9853
    Trend 12129/9853
  • Trend 12129/9855
    Trend 12129/9855
  • Trend 12129/16054
    Trend 12129/16054
  • Trend 12129/5402
    Trend 12129/5402
  • Trend 12129/5403
    Trend 12129/5403
  • Trend 12129/5404
    Trend 12129/5404
  • Trend 12129/503
    Trend 12129/503
  • Trend 12129/504
    Trend 12129/504
  • Trend 12129/5408
    Trend 12129/5408
  • Trend 12129/1904
    Trend 12129/1904
  • Trend 12129/501
    Trend 12129/501
  • Trend 12129/1901
    Trend 12129/1901
  • Trend 12129/19402
    Trend 12129/19402
  • Trend 12129/19401
    Trend 12129/19401
  • Trend 12129/19404
    Trend 12129/19404
  • Trend 12129/1201
    Trend 12129/1201
  • Trend 12129/16066
    Trend 12129/16066
  • Trend 12129/16057
    Trend 12129/16057
  • Trend 12129/1211
    Trend 12129/1211
  • Trend 12129/1203
    Trend 12129/1203
  • Trend 12129/1205
    Trend 12129/1205
  • Deluxe
  • Deluxe 01-Feather
    Deluxe 01-Feather
  • Deluxe 02-Dove
    Deluxe 02-Dove
  • Deluxe 03-Mouse
    Deluxe 03-Mouse
  • Deluxe 04-Steel
    Deluxe 04-Steel
  • Deluxe 05-Charcoal
    Deluxe 05-Charcoal
  • Deluxe 06-Elephant
    Deluxe 06-Elephant
  • Deluxe 07-Havana
    Deluxe 07-Havana
  • Deluxe 08-Oyster
    Deluxe 08-Oyster
  • Deluxe 09-Sesame
    Deluxe 09-Sesame
  • Deluxe 10-Dune
    Deluxe 10-Dune
  • Deluxe 11-Nougat
    Deluxe 11-Nougat
  • Deluxe 12-Limestone
    Deluxe 12-Limestone
  • Deluxe 13-Griffin
    Deluxe 13-Griffin
  • Deluxe 14-Balsam
    Deluxe 14-Balsam
  • Deluxe 15-Peacock
    Deluxe 15-Peacock
  • Deluxe 16-Cypress
    Deluxe 16-Cypress
  • Deluxe 17-Bottle
    Deluxe 17-Bottle
  • Deluxe 18-Lime
    Deluxe 18-Lime
  • Deluxe 19-Amber
    Deluxe 19-Amber
  • Deluxe 20-Wood
    Deluxe 20-Wood
  • Deluxe 21-Autumn
    Deluxe 21-Autumn
  • Deluxe 22-Sienna
    Deluxe 22-Sienna
  • Deluxe 23-Henna
    Deluxe 23-Henna
  • Deluxe 24-Vino
    Deluxe 24-Vino
  • Deluxe 25-Lollipop
    Deluxe 25-Lollipop
  • Deluxe 26-Plum
    Deluxe 26-Plum
  • Deluxe 27-Sky
    Deluxe 27-Sky
  • Deluxe 28-Petrol
    Deluxe 28-Petrol
  • Deluxe 29-Indigo
    Deluxe 29-Indigo
  • Deluxe 30-Scuba
    Deluxe 30-Scuba
  • Deluxe 31-Celadon
    Deluxe 31-Celadon
  • Deluxe 32-Lagoon
    Deluxe 32-Lagoon
  • Deluxe 33-Surf
    Deluxe 33-Surf


We try to follow trends and trends in the furniture fabrics market, constantly updating our collections so that they meet all modern standards and requirements. We want that every Ukrainian had at home stylish and high-quality furniture that will please him for a year.

In this section of the catalog site EDEN posted all the new furniture fabrics for upholstery.

Buy furniture fabrics wholesale and retail in a wide range: jacquard, velor, microfiber, eco-leather, micro-horn, micro-velor, matting.

All novelties of furniture fabrics are already available in the warehouse in the Dnieper, Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa.

Samples of EDEN fabrics can be obtained by leaving an application on our website, or by contacting our regional representative in the Dnieper, Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine.

Buy inexpensive upholstery fabric can be, leaving an application for mail or by phone, wholesale and retail from 0.1m. on the cities of Ukraine. Delivery is carried out within 2 working days by courier services New Mail, Deliveri, SAT, Autolux, Gunsel, Intime.


When making an order for furniture fabric, be guided by real samples.

The photos placed on the site are intended only for checking the correctness of the chosen color, because the individual tones of the monitor and the brightness of the screen may differ.

Changing the shade from roll to roll is acceptable, since it is possible to use a different batch of dye. The allowed deviation of the color and shade of any upholstery fabric from batch to batch is set to not more than 5%.