How to choose furniture in the nursery, which will appeal to both you and the child?


Choosing furniture for the nursery can be a real problem. After all, it often happens that you like furniture from a practical point of view, but the child considers it too boring.

Manufacturers put more and more effort and apply all possible marketing tricks to please both parents and children. Now it’s realistic to find furniture, both for babies and teenagers, that will satisfy the needs of all. And we have prepared for you a few tips that will help you choose furniture that will look bright, interesting, youthful and will last until you enter the university.

Tip # 1: Determine the amount you are willing to spend on children's room

Like any furniture, children's sofa can vary in price from budget to expensive options. In any of the segments you can find a quality manufacturer, for this it is worth a little dig on the Internet and read customer reviews. Please note that in online stores you can find furniture that will cost a bit cheaper than in retail stores. If you do not have a goal to save, then feel free to go in search of furniture hypermarkets, where most of the leading manufacturers are represented. There you can feel the chosen model, sit-lie on it and even choose any upholstery. You can also see the options for furniture fabrics on our website in the "Fabrics" section.

Tip # 2: Consider the opinion of your child

If you select furniture for a child of 3 years and older, he himself can already express an opinion about what he likes and what does not. This does not mean that you give complete freedom to realize all the most daring ideas of your child, allowing him to completely choose the color of the walls, floor, furniture and decor. In this situation, most likely, you will receive instead of a cozy nursery, an explosion of colors and a collection of pieces of furniture incongruent with each other. This means that, first of all, this is your child’s room and live there, so that he can express his opinion and preferences, and based on this, you will come up with a general design concept. For convenience of conversation, pre-select several options for designs, colors and acceptable options for furniture. Then let the child choose what he liked more. If you do not know where to get ideas, feel free to look for inspiration in glossy magazines and on the Internet.

Tip # 3: If you want the furniture to serve for a long time, choose a universal model

The selection of children's furniture is a little different from how you select furniture for an adult bedroom or living room, as children grow up. There are 2 options: you can choose furniture based on the fact that it will be suitable in size from pre-school age of a child to his mature age, or you can buy new furniture at every stage of growing up, selling old furniture. Here each parent decides for himself what would be more acceptable, based on his budget, possible moves and the desire to change the situation.

Tip # 4: Get ready for change

Yes, versatility is what we constantly advise in the selection of furniture. But, in a situation with children, one must be prepared that they grow, and therefore tastes change over time. Naturally, the fact that a child likes to be 5 years old is unlikely to be pleasant also at 15. In addition, there are often situations when, over time, the family is replenished with a brother or sister and there is a need to share the children's room. Or your child may return to the parental home already at a mature age. You should always be ready for such a turn of events and in advance take care of the comfortable stay of your child at home.

Tip # 5: Have fun!

Children's room - this is probably the only room in which there can be no interior that fully meets your expectations. Forget about minimalism or futurism in the nursery. Your child should like to be in his room, so if he prefers bright colors, add them to the interior. Neutral colors of walls, ceilings and furniture in combination with bright decor, lamps, carpets, bed linen can be a compromise for everyone. The idea is such - everything that is easy to remove can be bright, or replaced with a new one, and it will not cost you big money. If you want to save money, you can search for unusual decor on AliExpress or buy it from hand, another option is to take the paint in your hands and, inspired by master classes from the Internet, create a unique decor with your child.

Remember: the furniture in your child’s room must reflect his personality and personality, it must correspond to what the child is ... or would like to become! Remember that based on your budget and family lifestyle, you can choose the best option. Some buy furniture and use it for several generations, others want to change the situation every couple of years. Decide what is right for your family and child. Ultimately, they should feel comfortable and happy at home.

If you have already done repairs in the nursery, share how you chose furniture, what guided you? Did your child take in the selection?

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