What color to choose a sofa? - 8 top shades


When it comes to interior design, the selection of the right color scheme is of great importance. For most people, the most difficult is the selection of furniture and color for the living room. It is believed that the living room is the main room in the house, which is the starting point in the interior design. The particular difficulty is that the selected color satisfies all needs - it is soothing for a comfortable stay and bright for noisy gatherings with family and friends. If you belong to those people who are struggling to find the right balance, we offer 8 top colors that will direct you in the right direction.

Neutral shades

Cream, beige, ivory or white - neutral shades are still relevant this year. If you're not quite ready to use vibrant colors in your living space, you can create a soothing atmosphere by adhering to a neutral white color scheme.
Sand and coffee shades are also very popular in the furniture market. This also includes mushroom color, dark gray, linen, stone. Such colors will maintain a neutral background in light shades of beige and white, but at the same time, they will add a little warmth and color to the monochrome design.
Such a palette will give you freedom in choosing accessories. You can safely combine bright elements of home decor with a sofa in a natural shade, including carpets, lamps and paintings.
Neutral tones are also great for a minimalist retro style, for any modern home with open space and large ceilings. A little tip for those who want to experiment a little: play with various textures and materials, such as wood and metal, combining them with your furniture.
Another option is to selectively place accents using turquoise or orange decor, for example. In this case, a sofa of a neutral color will become a key object in your interior, as well as a great backdrop for the decor. Its restrained neutrality allows almost any experiment with accent colors.


As with the neutral color palette, green furniture can create a soothing atmosphere and give your living room a natural look. If you don’t want your house to look like a greenhouse, then you can easily make a bright green sofa an accent in the interior by balancing it with trim and accessories in neutral colors.


Sticking to a more classic color palette, shades of brown are the most popular choice for leather sofas. The brown color palette extends from light shades to chocolate. The leather upholstery looks great many models of sofas. These can be models with straight lines that allow you to emphasize the color and texture of the skin, or, conversely, be used on curved models to make the skin sound new. In any case, brown is the perfect color, both for classic Chesterfield vintage sofas and modern furniture.
But leather is not the only option; brown is also becoming an increasingly popular color when choosing a sofa with fabric upholstery. Both in the fabric and in the skin, it can be combined with bright deep colors such as red, purple and gold.

Pink and purple

Bold and very fashionable. Pink and purple shades of sofas are a real challenge that will suit those who are tired of the gray walls and dull design.
The easiest way to fit such a sofa into your interior is to maintain a neutral color scheme in the rest of the decor and decoration. Concentrate on one bright and flashy color for the sofa and complement it with calmer shades of light gray, beige, white.

Elegant gold

Be trendy, choose trendy shades of gold such as saffron or mustard. They will add a special elegance to your home.
This is a bold color, but if you combine it correctly with dark tones, for example, painting the walls in dark blue and adding black pillows, you can achieve an amazing effect.

Saturated red

Deep Red is a warm, rich and traditional color for both fabric and leather sofas. Especially popular in traditional velvet or antique leather, deep red is an adult color for fans of the classics
Red looks very good on models with deep buttons that emphasize tonal changes in color. Vibrant, more saturated dramatic shades - an excellent choice for modern living quarters in combination with glass and chrome furniture.

Classic blue

This shade was declared the color of 2020 according to Panton magazine, which means, by right, it can be on this list. In addition, most shades of blue, ranging from deep darks to turquoise, are considered universal. Lighter shades of blue and blue can be attributed to neutral and complement them with other bolder colors. Also, blue goes well with more muted natural tones, but be careful not to create too cold an atmosphere in the room. Blue complements many colors, so it can be easily integrated into any living space. Whether you want to make it an accent or not is up to you.

New black

Black can be a stylish move for modern leather and fabric sofas. It can be perfectly combined with silver and gray colors, as well as bright white. It is best used in textured fabrics such as shinill and velvet, where the pile or weaving of the fabric will create a play of color.


In recent years, gray, slate colors have become independent. Gray tones also create a neutral background, so they blend perfectly with bright, contrasting colors such as yellow, green and turquoise. In general, we would advise combining a dark gray sofa with brighter and lighter colors so that the room does not look too gloomy. Gray is a classic color that combines a calm and relaxing environment with chic elegance.
It does not matter if you want the neutral color of the sofa to match the wall cladding in the room, or choose bold and bright colors as an accent, you can choose the most suitable option in our catalog, and the color filter will simplify the whole process even more.

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