Furniture in the girl’s room: we embody a fairy tale in reality


The choice of furniture in the nursery is always very exciting and important point, because the situation in the room directly shapes the mood and character of the child. Interior items must be safe and functional, as well as the character and preferences of the child. The design of the room affects the development of a growing personality, inspires creativity, allows you to dream. We want to help you a little in this difficult matter and have prepared a selection of the most relevant pieces of furniture for the girl’s room.

Furniture for a children's room for girls

Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, the furniture in the girl’s room does not have to be pink with the image of princesses, but this is a good idea for romantic and dreamy people. Modern parents, as a rule, try to please their child and allow to reflect their interests and preferences in the interior of the children's bedroom. Many girls love fairy tales, so you can safely take the idea to design a room based on your favorite cartoon or fairy tale.

To date, the most common color scheme for children's furniture for girls is white. However, to add a bit of romance and childish spontaneity, most often, they dilute the white color with blotches of pink or lilac. Children's furniture for a girl is mainly white furniture sets, but there are many other colors. Do not forget, too, that all girls love to dress up and store things, therefore, looking ahead, choose large wardrobes and spacious dressers.
Many parents wonder what pieces of furniture are vital to the room of a young lady, and without which you can do. We have prepared a short list for you.

Beautiful bed

Today, furniture salons offer a huge variety of beds of different shapes and styles. For example, for true ladies, you can choose a model with a head in the form of a crown or a four-poster bed. However, it is worth considering that such elaborate models are less universal, since over time they may lose their relevance. Special attention should be paid to the mattress. It should be moderately soft and comfortable. For children, it is recommended to choose orthopedic mattresses that positively affect the spine.

Wardrobe or chest of drawers

The next most important piece of furniture is the wardrobe, which will store all the outfits of the little princess. Today, a huge range of cabinets, chests of drawers, chests is presented, so that any girl will find something to her taste. However, one must not forget about the functionality; when choosing a cabinet, it should be in the first place.


A children's room is not only a place for games, but also for the activities and development of the child. In addition to the bed and large wardrobes, in the room place a desk and a comfortable armchair. And so that the child enjoys sitting down for lessons, choose bright and functional models. Homework should not be associated with rigor and boredom, try to create a creative space that will inspire and guide your baby in the creative direction. It is best to choose a desk with adjustable height and angle. For the smallest - the table should have a width of about 70-90 cm and a depth of 50 cm, for older children - a little more: 100 × 80 cm. For the girl to have the correct posture, it is recommended to tilt the table at an angle of about 16 °.


It should be perfectly adjusted to the growth of the child. It should also properly form your child’s posture. Correctly formed backs of child seats have a bulge at the level of the lumbosacral segment, so the spine takes the natural shape of the letter S.


A table lamp should be very practical. It is better to abandon the intricate design and complex shapes, preferring simple, concise lamps with an adjustable level and angle of illumination. Proper lighting will provide LED lamps with a power of 3-5 watts. If you want to add creative lighting, use it in the backlight and floor lamps, which act as additional light.

Perfect kids furniture for teenage girls

Furniture for girls is available as a set. Usually it consists of a closet, desk and bed. This type of equipment is made of the same material, has a characteristic pattern that allows you to maintain a holistic style in the layout of the room. Nevertheless, furniture for girls can always be chosen from different design lines. Interior items, which are presented in the form of a set, are a simple and quick way to arrange a room for girls, but they do not require creativity. For the youth room to look good, it must be decorated in color. Such a set will provide a harmonious view of the room!

How to choose the perfect set of furniture for a girl’s bedroom?

Best of all, will purchase a set of furniture, which includes a wardrobe, desk and bed. Such sets are made in the same style and complement each other, so you can create a stylish and harmonious space in the nursery.

Nevertheless, you can choose furniture for a bedroom and separately. This approach is suitable for those who want to show a little more creativity and imagination and assemble their own individual kit. However, it is worth sticking to a single style and color scheme.

Accessories for girls bedroom

Children grow, which means tastes change, especially when we talk about children. Therefore, you can choose a more versatile furniture if you do not want to change it every couple of years. And you can add a “twist” to the interior with the help of accessories. Their change does not require large financial investments and physical effort.

Use furniture stickers that are popular today with your favorite baby characters that can be removed after a while. Also, toys by age, idol posters, bright textiles and other design items are perfect for decor. Accessories are easily removed and replaced with new ones suitable for the age of the child. Thanks to the details of the interior, the position of the room will completely change, although the furniture will remain the same.

Children's furniture for the girl, thanks to modern design, a wide selection of colors, allows you to organize a space that will perfectly match the character of your daughter.
And to choose the right textile, go to the Catalog section and find what suits your interior and request.

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